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Important ⚔️

Basic Weapons is a mod that works with Fabric, Quilt & Forge. Depending on which mod loader you're using you will need to download different things:

Using Fabric Fabric API
Using Quilt Quilted Fabric API
Using Forge Nothing extra 👍🏽

About 🤺

Basic Weapons adds 5 new weapon types of every vanilla tool material (Wood, Stone, Iron, Gold, Diamond, Netherite) to complement the existing sword and axe in Minecraft. Each weapon is balanced around damage, attack speed, crafting costs and special effects. If you have Better Combat installed, the weapons are also balanced around attack reach, number of enemies hit, and combos.

Divider Weapons should feel unique, powerful, easy to use and fair. I made Basic Weapons because I was looking around for weapon mods that would fit seamlessly into vanilla gameplay, and didn't quite find what I was looking for. I hope that in creating Basic Weapons, I've made that search a little easier for those of you who've had a similar experience.

This high level overview should give you an idea of what each weapon is good and bad at:

Weapon Damage Speed Baseline Effect
Vanilla Sword Medium Medium Sweeping
Vanilla Axe High Slow Shield Break
Dagger Low Fast
Hammer High Very Slow Knock target upwards
Quarterstaff* Low Medium Sweeping
Spear* Medium Medium
Club High Slow Slow target

*The spear and quarterstaff are best used alongside Better Combat to utilize their full combat potential, but still work well as cheap weapons, and look very stylish when held.


Better Combat Integration 🔥

Better Combat + Basic Weapons Basic Weapons works well as a drop-in mod to spice up the weapon variety in your adventures, but it plays especially well when paired with Better Combat.

With Better Combat installed, spears gain more range, quarterstaves receive exciting new attack combos, daggers and clubs can be paired with other weapons for dual-wielding mayhem, and the hammer even features a fully custom attack animation.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, I recommend you try the two mods out together. Better Combat can take some getting used to at first, but it's well worth your time investment in the long term, bringing a new layer of strategy and fun to your weapon choices and fights.

For weapon stats with Better Combat integration, see below:

Weapon Damage Speed Baseline Effect Targets Reach Weapon-Type
Vanilla Sword Medium Medium Vanilla Sweeping Multi Medium One-handed
Vanilla Axe High Slow Vanilla Shield Break Single Medium One-handed
Dagger Low Fast Single Medium One-handed
Hammer High Very Slow Knock target upwards Single Medium One-handed
Quarterstaff Low Medium Vanilla Sweeping Hybrid High Two-handed
Spear Medium Slow Single Very High Two-handed
Club High Slow Slow target Single Medium One-handed


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 🧡

  • What are the mod's dependencies?
    Basic Weapons has no required dependencies except for the usual Fabric API/ QFAPI that most mods on Fabric and Quilt require. For an upgraded experience you can install this mod together with Better Combat for more exciting fights if you want.
  • Is there a forge/fabric/quilt version?
    Yes, all three! The downloads are named for whichever modloader they're for so just take a look at the file names :)
  • Can you backport the mod to Minecraft 1.X.X?
    Unfortunately I don't have the time to backport Basic Weapons to earlier versions. The mod will however support each new version of Minecraft.
  • I found a bug / my game crashed
    If you find any problems with Basic Weapons, please feel encouraged to create an issue on the GitHub repository issue tracker. Bug reports are incredibly helpful, and help make Basic Weapons the best it can be. Divider

Recipes 🧩

Divider Recipes Divider

More Weapon Stats (Just in-case you want them) 😺

This table shows the baseline stats for each weapon type. Tier modifiers apply after these stats (i.e. Wood/Stone/Iron etc.), but this table should give you a good idea of how each weapon compares to the next.

Some stats have specifically tailored changes to tiers, such as the hammer. Due to its very powerful effect, early hammer tiers' damage values are nerfed in comparison to their higher tier counterparts, though their attack speed is comparatively higher. This damage tweaking based on tier is present in vanilla's axe weapon damage values too.

Weapon Damage per attack Number of attacks per second Weapon reach in number of blocks (req. Better Combat)
Dagger 1 2 2.25
Quarterstaff 1 1.7 3.25
Spear 2 1.2 4.0
Sword 3 1.6 2.5
Club 5 1.0 2.5
Axe 6 0.8 2.5
Hammer 7 0.6 2.5

For The Creative Mode Enjoyers Among You 👇🏽

Basic Weapons Banner

Thank you to all the wonderful translation contributors!

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