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Getting Started

Available for Fabric and Quilt, this mod aims to be the most vanilla-friendly bronze mod available for modern Minecraft.

Tin is a new mineable resource which can be combined with copper to create bronze, a useful metal that is slightly better than iron, but worse than diamond.

Getting Started

Your first step is to gather some raw tin and copper.

You will need 1 Raw Tin and 3 Raw Copper for every Bronze Ingot you want to make.
Craft 3 Raw Copper with 1 Raw Tin in a crafting window to obtain Bronze Blend - then smelt this item in a furnace to obtain a Bronze Ingot.

With your new bronze ingot, a new material tier opens up to you. Read on to find out about all the wonderful things you can make with bronze.

Bronze Armor

Trimmable bronze armor items

Bronze armor is a tier slightly above iron and below diamond.

Most pieces have the same armor value as iron, but sport 2 distinct benefits over iron:

  • Bronze armor has ~16% more durability than iron
  • All bronze armor pieces have +1 Armor Toughness.
  • The bronze chestplate has one more armor point compared to iron

Crafting bronze armor is the same as crafting iron armor, but using Bronze Ingots instead of Iron Ingots.
Bronze armor fully supports Minecraft's new armor trimming system. Mix and match colors for the perfect set of armor.

Gif of player wearing bronze armor walking through trial chambers

Bronze Weapons

The bronze mod ships with 2 weapons by default, the Bronze Sword and Bronze Axe.
These weapons have 100 more durability than their vanilla counterparts, with the sword doing 0.5 more damage too.
This means that the bronze sword is halfway between iron and diamond in terms of damage, though the diamond sword has far greater durability.
The bronze axe on the other hand is on par with iron and diamond axes in terms of damage, but has slightly better durability than iron, while having far less than diamond.

Bronze Weapons

Basic Weapons adds 5 other unique weapon archetypes, and has explicit compatibility with the Bronze mod. Just install both mods, and the new bronze weapon types will be able to be crafted!

Bronze Tools

Bronze Tools are slightly better than iron, but much worse than diamond

As you may expect, this mod adds bronze variants of all vanilla tools. These tools have stats similar to iron, but with some distinct benefits:

  • Bronze tools have 350 durability instead of iron's 250
  • Bronze tools are ~14% faster than iron tools
  • Bronze tools have 0.5 more attack damage than iron tools Tools banner
Sickle item This mod adds a new tool in addition to the 4 standard bronze tools - the Sickle.
This item helps you manage the flora in your world. It can harvest fully-grown crops on farmland as well as short and tall grass, leaving flowers and bushes intact.
The Sickle is the perfect item for builders, who want to clear an area of land before building, as well as farmers, who will benefit from faster crop harvests and auto-replanting.
Drops from blocks destroyed with the sickle are respected, so you will still get all those seeds from the grass you cut down.

Did you know: The sickle is in the same class as shears, compasses, clocks and the archaeology brush - it doesn't have different material tiers, and can subsequently only be made from bronze.

Bronze Mod Future The bronze mod has three main goals it aims to achieve:

  • Give copper a whole new avenue of utility outside of redstone and building
  • Flesh out midgame progression for survival Minecraft
  • Add simple but useful features that enhance vanilla-centered gameplay

With this in mind, there are a few new features I'd like to implement in the Bronze mod going forward:

First order of business is integration with Basic Weapons. The addition of the 5 new weapon types will hopefully bring a cohesive, enjoyable flavour to vanilla+ Minecraft.

This mod already includes a few non-combat blocks and items, such as the Bronze Door, Bronze Trapdoor and Sickle, but I believe there's room for more.
Iron ingots have many different roles in vanilla Minecraft. They can be used for armor, weapons, tools, pistons, chains, pressure plates and about 35 other recipes.
While I don't want bronze to be as useful as iron, as I believe it would take away from iron's mid-game dominance as a useful material too much, I do want to add some unique features that round the material out.

To simplify this thought process:

  • ❌ This mod will not hijack all of iron's recipes with its own versions, e.g. Bronze Bucket, Bronze Shears etc.
  • βœ… This mod will come up with simple new utilities/blocks for bronze that don't feel out of place in the base game e.g. Sickle

Also, much like the Basic Weapons mod, I intend to update this mod with each new major version of Minecraft going forward. If you've read this far, thank you! I hope you enjoy using this mod, and if you have any queries/issues contact me via the mod's GitHub issues, or in the CurseForge comments πŸ™‚.

Lastly, here's a list of absolutely everything this mod currently adds for those that love reading

New Blocks

Tin Ore
Deepslate Tin Ore
Block of Tin
Block of Raw Tin
Block of Bronze

Bronze Door
Bronze Trapdoor

New Items

Raw Tin
Bronze Blend
Tin Ingot
Bronze Ingot

Bronze Sword
Bronze Pickaxe
Bronze Axe
Bronze Shovel
Bronze Hoe


Bronze Helmet
Bronze Chestplate
Bronze Leggings
Bronze Boots

Bronze Horse Armor

6 Vanilla-style achievements
Full Minecraft recipe book integration

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