Campfire Spawn and Tweaks

Campfire Spawn and Tweaks

šŸ”„ Respawn interdimensionally with short fire resistance inside a preferred campfire with altered block mechanics. Place unlit, lighting it will create a home camp spawn point. Remove waterlogging.

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Requires the library mod Collective.

     This mod is part of The Vanilla Experience.
Campfire Spawn and Tweaks adds the ability to set a spawn point inside a campfire and makes some changes to the mechanics around the block. By default you will receive 10 seconds of fire resistance on respawn, and be located on top of the campfire. It works for the overworld, nether and end, but also for modded dimensions.

Features with the default configuration settings:
ā—‰   Campfires start unlit.

ā—‰   Lighting a campfire creates a spawn point on top of it.

ā—‰   Use sand, dirt or soul sand to extinguish the campfire by right-clicking on it.

ā—‰   Waterlogged campfires can be un-waterlogged by right-clicking with a flint & steel.

ā—‰   Prevents fire from being placed on adjacent block when clicking on the side of the campfire.

ā—‰   If a player respawns inside a campfire, they will receive 10 seconds of fire protection.

ā—‰  A two-heigh airpocket will be created if there are blocks on top of campfire on respawn.

ā—‰   Crouch + right-clicking a bed will overwrite the campfire spawn position.

ā—‰   Crouch + right-clicking a campfire will remove the spawn position. Or do the same when lighting it to prevent a position of being set.

Configurable: ( how do I configure? )
campfiresStartUnlit (default = true): When enabled, a newly placed campfire will be unlit.
sneakRightClickCampfireToUnset (default = true): Crouching/Sneaking and right-clicking on a campfire unsets the campfire spawn point.
bedsOverrideCampfireSpawn (default = true): When enabled, sleeping in a bed will override the campfire spawn point.
createAirPocketIfBlocksAboveCampfire (default = true): When enabled, the mod breaks the blocks above a campfire on respawn if it would somehow be blocked.

sendMessageOnNewCampfireSpawnSet (default = true): When enabled, a message will be sent to the player whenever a new campfire spawn point is set.
sendMessageOnCampfireSpawnUnset (default = true): When enabled, a message will be sent to the player whenever a campfire spawn point is unset.
sendMessageOnCampfireSpawnMissing (default = true): When enabled, a message will be sent to the player whenever a campfire spawn point is missing on respawn.
sendMessageOnCampfireSpawnOverride (default = true): When enabled, a message will be sent to the player whenever a campfire spawn point is overridden by the PlayerSetSpawnEvent.

fireResitanceDurationOnRespawnInMs (default = 10000, min 0, max 3600000): The duration of fire resistance when a player respawns at a campfire. A value of 0 disables this feature, and places the player next to the campfire instead.

Example GIFs:
Place and break a campfire, to set and unset a spawnpoint:

Place dirt on top of a campfire to extinguish it:

Respawning at the campfire:

Respawning inside the nether from the nether:

Respawning inside the nether from the overworld:

Remove waterlogging from a campfire by setting it on fire with a flint & steel:


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