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Cauldron Dyeing

This mod adds Bedrock's ability to dye leather armor or leather horse armor with cauldrons to Java Edition.

dyed water

The usage is the same as in Bedrock, using dye on a cauldron with water will color the water, adding dye multiple times will blend the dyes same as in a crafting table. When you use a dyeable item on the cauldron, it will add the current color in the cauldron to the item. Using a water bucket on a cauldron with dyed water will reset the color.

Using a dyed item on an un-dyed water cauldron will still remove its color.


Make sure you have the latest version of Fabric Loader or Quilt Loader installed. To install, just drag the mod jar into your mods folder along with either FAPI or QFAPI.


Cauldron Dyeing is ensured to be compatible with (Quilted) Fabric API, CaffeineMC mods, and Iris, if any incompatibility is found please report it on the issue tracker.

Note: The current method of displaying dyed water is not compatible with shaders that customize water color such as Complementary's Realistic-ish and RTX-ish settings.


Report any bugs, crashes, or other issues that may arise on the issue tracker.

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