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  • Improve client-side performance
  • Fix compatibility with Sodium 0.5
  • Update to Minecraft 1.20
  • Update to Minecraft 1.19.4
  • Support Sodium 0.4.9
  • Fixes compatibility with Create

Did I want this to be it's own release? No. Did I make changes to the build more than versioning? Yes.

Oh well.

Now the FMJ lists the correct Minecraft compatibility.

  • Support 1.19.2
  • Remove Minecraft versions from mod version
  • Improve compatibility with other mods
  • Correct fabric.mod.json compatibility versions
  • Improve build/publish scripts
  • Update to 1.19
  • Improve null color check
  • Improve mixin compatibility
  • Improve null color check
  • Improve mixin compatibility

Cherry-pick Bedrockify fix and other small changes

  • Fix: incorrect synthetic method names causing crash on start
  • Fix: incompatibility with Bedrockify

Backport to 1.17.1

Compatible with the latest Sodium for 1.17.1 (0.3.4)

Initial release!

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