Chorus Links

Chorus Links

Chorus Links is a vanilla friendly teleportation mod using Chorus Fruits!

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Chorus Links

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Chorus Links is a vanilla friendly teleportation mod using Chorus Fruits!

Chorus Links features & details:

  • Adds 2 new items: Golden Chorus Fruit & Enchanted Golden Chorus Fruit
    • Crafted by surrounding a Chorus Fruit with Gold Ingots or Gold Blocks respectively
  • Adds 1 new block: Chorus Link
    • Crafted by surrounding a Netherite Ingot with Purpur Blocks
  • If a Chorus Fruit is consumed within 128 blocks of a Chorus Link (configurable), the player will always be teleported to the top of the Chorus Link.
  • When multiple Chorus Links are within radius, the closest is always chosen.
    • When strongly powered, a Chorus Link will not be chosen for teleportation when consuming Chorus Fruits. This means you can select which Chorus Link is chosen using Redstone.
  • Golden Chorus Fruits do the same across any distance in the same dimension
  • Enchanted Golden Chorus Fruit, after being bound (by using/right-clicking on a Chorus Link), will teleport the player to the bounded Chorus Link from any distance and across dimensions. If unbounded, they function the same as a Golden Chorus Fruit. They get 9 uses until they're fully consumed.

Adds Chorus Link, Golden Chorus Fruit, & Enchanted Golden Chorus Fruit

Crafting Chorus Link

Crafting Golden Chorus Fruit

Crafting Enchanted Golden Chorus Fruit

Enchanted Golden Chorus Fruits are bound by using on a Chorus Link

8-way Chorus Link selector w/ Redstone

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