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In this version:

  • Update to 1.20.4/5

In this version:

  • Update to 1.20/1.20.1
  • Add new config field limitUnboundChorusFruitsToTheEnd, which makes Chorus Links only work in The End (to encourage Players to build in The End)
  • Removed crafting recipe for Enchanted Golden Chorus Fruit - they can now only be found in End City chests

In this version:

  • Add Chorus Link to End City Ships - its the perfect way to get to that floating ship while making use of the local flora!

In this version:

  • Update mod & dependencies to 1.19.4
  • Implement dependency on Cardinal Components which allows for Chorus Link world locations to be persisted between play sessions. This means when you load into the game, even Chorus Links ~10,000 blocks away will still be efficiently found & selected for usage.
  • Revisit config, new fields are:
    • baseChorusFruitLinkRadius - The effective radius of a Chorus Fruit when searching for the nearest Chorus Link
    • goldenChorusFruitRadiusMultiplier - The effective radius multiplier of a Golden Chorus Fruit. Use -1 for inf radius
    • enchantGoldenChorusFruitRadiusMultiplier - The effective radius multiplier of an Enchanted Golden Chorus Fruit. Use -1 for inf radius
    • enableEnchantedInterDimensionTeleport - If 'true', the Enchanted Golden Chorus Fruit is able to teleport players inter-dimensionally
    • enableRedstonePowerDeselection - If 'true', Chorus Links will not be chosen for teleportation if strongly powered by Redstone
    • enableObstructionReselection - If 'true', the next closest Chorus Link is chosen in cases of the first being obstructed (Else default teleport)
  • Improved (?) side texture to resemble chiseled Chorus Fruit
  • Changed Chorus Link crafting recipe to 8 Purpur Blocks & 1 Golden Chorus Fruit instead of 8 Purpur Blocks & 1 Netherite Ingot

In this release:

  • Enchanted Golden Chorus Fruit now yields 9 uses
  • Fixed bug where Golden Chorus Fruits would decrement Stack counts in Creative mode
  • Fixed bug where Enchanted Golden Chorus Fruit took damage while in Creative mode
  • Fixed Golden Chorus Fruit & Enchanted Golden Chorus Fruit not giving hunger haunches when eaten

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