CIT Resewn

CIT Resewn


Re-implements MCPatcher's CIT (custom item textures from optifine resource packs)

Client Utility

Created3 years ago
Updated25 days ago

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  • Fixed CITs not being checked on the first cache interval
  • Fixed CITs not matching correctly in cases where the root element of a json is a string
  • Significantly improved performance with large resourcepacks.
  • Significantly improved effectiveness of high config cache time with larger packs.
  • Fixed crash with some custom enchantment CITs(dbrighthd PR#258)


by shsupercm on Jun 10, 2023
  • Updated to 1.20
  • Updated to 1.19.4 (snapshot of 1.20)

Thank you @MeeniMc 🙏

  • Updated to 1.19.3! This update does not work in 1.19.2!
  • Fixed legacy for the old "bow_standby" specification

2023 means 1.19.3! Sorry for the delay everyone! Thank you for your patience! Hopefully Mojank doesn't screw us over again with 1.19.4 :aware:

  • Removed incompatibility log message for older eating animations versions.
  • Fixed spawn eggs and goat horns cits with no model not appearing correctly.
  • Added a way to check the amount of elements in an nbt list by matching the list's count element.
  • Fixed parity with the enchantment speed and rotation defaults.
  • Removed redundant log messages for broken paths.
  • Fixed nbt condition not checking numbers against regex and pattern matchers.


by shsupercm on Jun 10, 2022
  • Added option to set up fallback CITs for other implementations(more info in the wiki soon).
  • CIT custom elytras now have priority over cape-provided elytra textures.
  • The hand condition now has behavior parity to optifine's implementation.
  • IRegex pattern recognition for the nbt condition now takes other unicode cases into account(specifically fixed cyrillic case insensitivity).
  • Fixed incompatibility with Secret Rooms and LambdaBetterGrass.

Complete rewrite of the mod!

• Fixed properties not reading UTF characters.

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