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Cobblemon v1.3.1 ~ Fabric



1.3.1 (March 31st, 2023)


  • Added Slugma, Magcargo, Nosepass, and Probopass.
  • Elgyem family now drops Chorus Fruit, Geodude family now drops Black Augurite.
  • Added missing spawn files for Golett and Bergmite family.
  • Apricorns can now be smelted into dyes.
  • Added animations to Staryu line and Porygon line.
  • Added faint animations to Klink line.
  • Add lava surface spawn preset.
  • Added an any evolution requirement allowing you to define possibilities of other evolution requirements, for example, this allows you to create an evolution that requires the Pokémon to be shiny or a female.
  • Added the /spawnpokemonfrompool [amount] or /forcespawn [amount] command to spawn Pokémon(s) in the surrounding area using the natural spawn rates/pool of that area, this will be a cheat command in the Minecraft permission system or use the permission cobblemon.command.spawnpokemon if a permission mod is present. On a successful execution of the command, the amount of Pokémon spawned will be the output.
  • Added the /pokebox and /pokeboxall commands to move Pokemon(s) to the PC from a Player's party, this will be a cheat command in the Minecraft permission system or use the permission cobblemon.command.pokebox if a permission mod is present. On a successful execution of the command the output will be the number of pokemon moved to the Player's PC.
  • Added the /pc command which opens up the PC UI the same way interacting with the block would, this will be a cheat command in the Minecraft permission system or use the permission cobblemon.command.pc if a permission mod is present.


  • You can now click the portraits of other Pokémon in the starter selection screen to navigate directly to them.
  • You can now click the right and left arrow keys to navigate PC boxes.
  • Link Cables will now require Pokémon to hold any held item normally required for their evolution.
  • After a battle, the last Pokémon used now becomes the selected one in your party.
  • The /teach command can now only allow the Pokémon to be given moves in their learnset, this can be controlled with the permission cobblemon.command.teach.bypass, to account for that change the base command now requires the permission cobblemon.command.teach.base, this change is meant only for people using a mod capable of providing permissions such as LuckPerms.
  • Apricorns will no longer collide with their block form when picked, this should improve the experience in automatic farms.
  • Increased spawn chances for many Pokémon requiring specific blocks to be nearby.
  • Put Cryogonal in more snowy biomes.
  • Ditto as well as the Eevee, Gible, and Riolu families have been made more common.
  • Lowered spawn rate of Gyarados on the surface of water.
  • Apricorn leaves can now be used in the Composter block, these have the same chance to raise the compost pile the Minecraft leaves do.
  • Updated Gengar's model and texture.
  • Updated Swinub line model and animations.
  • Tweaked portrait frames for the Pidgey line and for Walking Wake.
  • Changed all buff shoulder effects to only give a level 1 buff instead of level 2.
  • Made Weavile a little bigger.
  • Changed the recipes for Mystic Water, Miracle Seed, and Charcoal Stick to utilise the evolution stones, as well as Never-Melt Ice having an alternate recipe using the Ice Stone.
  • Replaced the Failed to handle battle messages to Missing interpretation to make it more clear that mechanics do work just still pending dedicated messages.


  • Fixed killing a Dodrio killing your game. Dodrio will never look the same to us.
  • Fixed non-Fire-type Pokémon being immune to lava.
  • Fixed custom Pokémon not being usable in battle, properly. A last minute fix caused this to break again; what are these devs not paid for?
  • Fixed being locked in an endless healing queue if you broke the healing machine during use.
  • Fixed an issue with the experience calculation when the Exp. Share is held.
  • Fixed Friendship-based attacks not using friendship values from your Pokémon.
  • Fixed Link Cables consuming held items they shouldn't due to not validating the held item of a Pokémon.
  • Fixed a crash when Aromatherapy cured the status of party members.
  • Fixed moves learnt on evolution not being given when said evolution happens. If you were affected by this issue your existing Pokémon will now be able to relearn those moves.
  • Fixed console spam when rendering Pokémon model items.
  • Fixed battle messages for 50+ moves and abilities and items.
  • Fixed the possible duplicate when capturing Pokémon (probably, this one's hard to reproduce to confirm it's fixed).
    • Previously duplicated Pokémon are cleaned from PCs and parties on restart.
  • Fixed an issue with some particle effects applying after a Pokémon has died or on top of the wrong Pokémon when using specific mods.
  • Fixed Pokémon not looking at each other in battle.
  • Fixed Experience Candy and Experience Share attempting to bring Pokémon above level cap causing crashes.
  • Fixed level 100 Pokémon having experience go over the cap total amount they should have.
  • Fixed /pokemonspawnat having the argument positions reverted making it impossible for Brigadier to understand when to suggest coordinates. It is now the intended /spawnpokemonat <pos> <properties>.
  • Fixed performance issues with shouldered Pokémon in certain systems.
  • Fixed learnset issues for Pokémon whose only modern debut was LGPE/BDSP/LA.
  • Fixed shiny Zubat, Grimer, Omanyte, Elgyem, Delphox and Aegislash displaying their normal texture.
  • Fixed sleeping in beds allowing fainted Pokémon to receive experience after a battle ends somehow.
  • Fixed an issue where a Pokémon will claim to have learnt a new move they already have in their moveset when learnt at an earlier level in their previous evolution. I realize that's confusing.
  • Fixed Dispensers not being able to shear Wooloo. This will also extend to other mods that check if an entity is valid to shear.
  • Fixed the currently held item of your Pokémon not dropping to the ground when removing it if your inventory was full.
  • Fixed creative mode allowing you to make your Pokémon hold more than 1 of the same item.
  • Fixed a Pokémon duplication glitch when teleporting between worlds.
  • Fixed dedicated servers being able to reload Cobblemon data with the vanilla /reload command causing unintended behavior for clients.
  • Fixed underground Pokémon spawning above ground.
  • Fixed Pokémon portrait not reverting back to the Pokémon after a failed capture during battle.
  • Fixed edge texture artifacts on pane elements for Tentacool and Tentacruel models.
  • Fixed crash caused by Pokémon pathing
  • Fixed Pokémon not returning to their balls when being healed in a healing machine
  • Fixed all Gen IX Pokémon as well as forms added in PLA and Wyrdeer, Kleavor, Ursaluna, Basculegion, Sneasler, Overqwil, and Enamorus having 0 exp yields.
  • Fixed Irons Leaves having bluetooth back legs. If you saw it, you know what I mean.
  • Fixed Golurk not having shoulder plates on its shoulders.
  • Fixed some water Pokémon walking onto land from the water even though they are fish.
  • Fixed Porygon2 and PorygonZ being too small.
  • Fixed Snivy line head look animation.
  • Fixed Staryu line not being able to swim.
  • Fixed an incompatibility with Thorium patch for MC-84873.
  • Fixed Pidgeotto wings when walking.
  • Fixed Delphox walk animation.
  • Fixed Froakie line sleep animations in battle.
  • Fixed Pokémon missing the non-level up moves they could relearn when rejoining a world until a new move was added to their relearn list.
  • Fixed instantly fleeing from Pokémon set to be unfleeable.
  • Fixed Pumpkaboo line forms not working. (Currently sizes aren't visual but check base stats to see which size you have.)
  • Fixed a bug that caused already interpreted messages for moves to be mistaken as uninterpreted.


  • Add events that are fired just before and after a Pokémon is released (ReleasePokemonEvent.Pre and .Post)


  • Added complete translations for Japanese, Thai, and Canadian French.
  • Added partial translations for Russian, Ukrainian, Mexican Spanish, and Korean.
  • Updated every existing language's translation.
  • All the translators that contributed are amazing.


Cobblemon-fabric-1.3.1+1.19.2.jar(62 MiB) Primary Download