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Cobblemon is an open-source Pokémon mod for Fabric and Forge.

The goal of Cobblemon is to be the Pokémon mod for everyone, and to integrate much better into modpacks and Minecraft itself than other Pokémon mods. Our source code is open to encourage not only community contributions, but also forking.

Features (so far!):

  • Capture Pokémon to expand your team, battle wild Pokémon to gain experience, level up to unlock new moves, and evolve your Pokémon. Craft a PC and healer as soon as you can!
  • All Pokémon from Gen 1, including their later-generation evolutions and pre-evolutions. Some Pokémon from other generations are in the mod as well.
  • Battles using the Pokémon Showdown! engine for competitive battle mechanics. In many cases we haven't yet implemented the messages that go with certain actions - but the actions work.
  • Some Legends Arceus-style mechanics, such as move relearning, physically running from battle, and evolving your Pokémon when you decide.
  • Toggle free-movement during battles. You can build, mine, or fight mobs while in Pokémon battles!
  • Apricorn trees in 7 colors. Harvest Apricorns by right-clicking them, and each harvest has a chance to also drop a seed that can grow a new tree. You can use Bone Meal on Apricorns too!
  • Many animations for each Pokémon that make all of your partners feel alive.
  • Pokémon spawning anywhere you can think of; you'll have to search all kinds of places if you want to catch 'em all! Supports several major biome mods, including Terralith and Oh The Biomes You'll Go.
  • Evolution stones can be found anywhere underground, with different stones located in different biomes. They're more common near the surface.
  • Healers that need time to charge after being placed, but you can pick up and move them at any time.
  • All other Pokémon from generations 1 to 8 can be spawned and battled with, but if they don't have a model yet then they will display as a Substitute doll.
  • Full support for custom variations and fakemon using data packs and resource packs. You can find out how to do it using our guide!
  • Support for both Fabric and Forge - though we recommend playing on Fabric because it's faster and better on performance!




That's it, you're ready to go! If you have trouble installing, get help in our Discord at the link above.

Alternatively, you can download the official Cobblemon modpack! (Will be hosted in more places soon).

Note: This mod is still early in development and is being very actively updated. There are many features that are work-in-progress or placeholders until more assets are made. There are also some existing features that will be getting more polish as we keep moving. Many more features are planned, including but not limited to things like NPCs, riding Pokémon, breeding, and structures.

Join our Discord to follow development progress, chat with the team, ask questions, and get sneak peeks into upcoming features!

Wiki Pages (WIP):

Poké Ball Recipes:é_Ball

Item Recipes:

PC Recipe:

Healing Machine Recipe:

Ore Biomes:


Carry a party of up to 6 Pokémon!

Craft Poké Balls using Apricorns picked from Apricorn trees! 

Fight in Pokémon battles powered by Pokémon Showdown!

Capture Pokémon by throwing Poké Balls both in and out of battles!

LicenseThe mod's binaries and its source code are licensed under the Mozilla Public License 2.0, allowing public modifications and forks provided that they are also licensed under MPL2.0.