Enables resource packs to add and change block and biome colors.

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This is a back-release to 1.18.2 of a fix for a crash that occurs when mods that add custom fluids are present with Colormatic (most commonly Create).


by kvverti on Jun 8, 2022

This release is the first for Minecraft 1.19. In addition to being compatible with 1.19, this update contains the following.

  • Greater stability with Optifine resource packs
  • Compatibility with the Quilt toolchain


by kvverti on Mar 23, 2022

It's out! Yes, it's one month late for the 1.18.2 release, but in my defense, I do this on an almost pure interest-only basis :P. This release contains a few quality of life improvements, including

  • Warning when blocks, biomes, or grid properties are provided for colormaps outside of colormaps/custom, as these properties are ignored for them.
  • grid properties now allow string items, which expand to { "biomes": [<the value>], "width": 1, "column": <auto-incremented> }.


by kvverti on Feb 20, 2022

This release adds relative block light intensity. This setting allows you to configure the intensity of block light as a percentage of sky light - lower values of this setting make block light appear dimmer when there is ambient sky light.


  • Added relative block light intensity
  • Changed light color blending to additive instead of max
  • Sodium alpha compatibility


by kvverti on Jan 3, 2022

This release fixes two compatibility issues.

  • Blocks that are tinted white no longer lag the client when Sodium is installed
  • Add a layout property to grid format colormaps. The default grid column assignment has been changed to align with Optifine current and expected future column assignments.

Layouts control how the grid columns are assigned by default.

  • The default layout uses the current raw IDs of biomes as columns. As biome raw IDs may change from version to version, these assignments should not be considered stable.
  • The legacy layout uses the column assignment that 1.17 uses (for both vanilla and datapack biomes). Vanilla biomes added after 1.17 are assigned a column corresponding to a similar 1.17 biome.
  • The stable layout assigns each vanilla biome a column that is guaranteed to be stable across versions starting from 1.18. Datapack biomes are always assigned a column corresponding to a similar vanilla biome (even in Optifine formatted resource packs).

In order to preserve compatibility with Optifine formatted resource packs, the default grid column assignment has been changed to use the current raw IDs of biomes instead of their 1.17 values. This requires resource packs that use grid columns with the default column assignment to update. Resource pack artists that do not wish to update their colormaps can use the legacy layout in order to opt into the 1.17 column assignments.


by kvverti on Dec 5, 2021

This release updates Colormatic for Minecraft 1.18. Primary changes are

  • Indium is no longer required for compatibility with Sodium
  • Fog, sky, and underfluid colors use their respective color blending instead of blocks' blending
  • Vertical biome tinting works again


by kvverti on Nov 11, 2021

This release adds the following behavirors.

  • Lava and other fluids can be biome tinted. Cauldrons are not automatically tinted the same as their corresponding fluid.
  • Modded and datapack biomes now have a sensible grid format column assignment. They use the column of their raw ID for Optifine resource packs and the column of the vanilla biome closest in temperature and humidity for Colormatic resource packs.
  • "palette": { "format": .. } in color.json (palette.format in is now respected.


by kvverti on Sep 27, 2021

This is the first release available on Modrinth! The 2.3.0 release of colormatic contains the following changes.

  • Biome colormaps have the option to only apply custom tinting to some biomes; the remaining biomes will have their vanilla colors.
  • The tint for an item is now only taken from custom colors if a custom colormap has been defined for all biomes.
  • Biome tinting for blocks whose models don't define a tint index now works as expected.
  • Fixed a crash when using a resource pack that defines a grid format colormap with a datapack that adds a custom biome.

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