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Fixed bugs and crashes -> Notably for the 1.20.2 version, a major crash that occured whilst playing multiplayer was fixed.

Fixed bugs and crashes

Fix capes not showing in game.

  • New 1.20.2 Version!
  • Your token is now Cached -- once you automatically sign to cosmetica with your account, cosmetica will remember that until your login token expires. This will reduce the load on the authentication servers and hopefully reduce the number of "we couldn't authenticate your account!" issues.
  • More descriptive error screens
  • New Armour Conflicts option -- You can change how you see cosmetics that are marked to hide when certain armour pieces are equipped. For example, showing hats
  • Snipe and cosmetic customise buttons no longer refetch user settings. This makes them much faster to open up. Pretty much instant as long as all necessary data is already loaded.
  • Lots more bug fixes. Stuff should in general be more reliable.

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