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  • Show example players on the region specific effects notice screen for players who haven't configured the feature to have a better idea of its effects
  • Add a region specific effect for Iran
  • Make the online activity button work
  • Fix compat issue with Model Gap Fix
  • Player nametag is not adjusted for hat height when in bed
  • Elytras don't count as chestplates in the "show with chestplate" back bling toggle
  • Reduce errors from settings synchronisation and cosmetic synchronisation
  • Fix disabled text
  • Added new tutorial for new users
  • Added icons
  • Added online activity toggle
  • Allow users to force HTTPS for all requests
  • Made all cosmetic types (except Cosmetica capes) configurable for new users by modpacks
  • Fixed missing icons in Feather Client
  • Fixed incompatibility with Artemis mod
  • Removed cosmetic textures from the texture atlas
  • Optimised and remove unused textures to reduce file size
  • Fixed bugs
  • Added support for special characters when setting lore
  • Added timeout to settings endpoints on fail
  • Made cape origin visible in sniper and other screens
  • Add config-based control over server issued messages.
  • Fix nametag height not respecting torso-attached hat rotation.
  • Fix config issues.
  • I forgor 💀