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Crabber's Delight

Crabber's Delight is a mod that expands upon the cooking system from Farmer's Delight.

It introduces more seafood into the game, including crabs, shrimps, and clams, that can all be used in a collection of new dishes as well as some other food items to expand upon the existing sealife in Minecraft.

📖 Getting Started:

To get started, build a crab trap and put in the water. Over time, you will slowly collect a mix of seafood and junk. You can put fish in the trap to try and lure creatures into to collect.

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📝 Credits:

Developed by AlabasterLeking

Special thanks to vectorwing for creating Farmer's Delight

Special thanks to Uraneptus for creating Fisherman's Trap, which is where some of the Crab Trap logic is based from


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