An expansion onto the existing foodstuffs in Minecraft with intricate, well-made additions.

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Culinaire is a mod for the latest version of Minecraft that adds a ton of features to the game related to food and cooking.
It also brings brand new crafting recipes such as tea brewing, sandwich making and milk coagulation.

You can visit the official website for Culinaire for more information.

šŸ‘¾ Features

Food items

Culinaire adds a ton of new food items to the game, such as vegetables with crops (tomatoes, lettuce) and composed meals (pies, salads, sandwiches).
New pastry-related food also have been added, such as the French chouquettes, marshmallows and more to come.

Players are also able to craft kettles and brew tea using a source of heat, water, a bottle and a tea bag.
Each flavor of tea comes with a different effect, that can vary with the amount of ingredients you put in the tea bag.

You can also make cheese by pouring milk into a cauldron and waiting for it to finally coagulate.

šŸ“¦ Download

Required mods

āš  Culinaire needs the following mods to be installed:

Compatible mods

Culinaire is compatible with the following mods:

ā¤ļø Support

Patreon supporters

You can support Culinaire on the Patreon page of the founder, main developer and maintainer of the Dawn Team mods (Hugman).

By supporting Hugman, you can get access to the following:

  • Vote for the next features to be added to the Dawn Team mods
  • Get exclusive screenshots of the next features to be added to Dawn Team mods
  • Get early access to the latest beta versions of Dawn Team mods with new features
  • Get early access to new mods from the Dawn Team mods

We do not want to lock any in-game feature of the Dawn Team mods behind a paywall, because we believe that any Minecraft mod should forever remain free to download and fully exploit/use.
Supporting via Patreon is a more of way to help Hugman to continue to improve the mods and show the gratitude you might have towards Hugman's work. Some money you donate may be used to pay for new features, such as music or art, but not all of it.

šŸŒŸ Special thanks

  • Plantkillable & Wintrius - concept for all the content (before Culinaire v2.0)
  • Plantkillable - textures for all the content (before Culinaire v2.0)
  • cydian - concept of tea system (before Culinaire v2.0)

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