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☁️ About Cumulus ☁️

Cumulus is an API made for allowing developers to register custom main menus for their mods, while not conflicting with other mods' menu screens. Registered menus will be listed in a new GUI accessible from the "Menu List" button found on the main menu, and from there the player can select which one they want to display.

Cumulus also supports conditionally changing the main menu by other means besides the menu list, options for changing Minecraft's default dirt background screens, and the ability to run additional functions once a mod's main menu is loaded. More information can be found on the wiki.

☁️ More from The Aether Team ☁️

If you have a question about Cumulus or are just interested in other projects developed by The Aether Team, you can join The Aether Project Discord! Our friendly staff and welcoming community will make sure you feel at home with us!


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