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Custom Paintings


Add your own custom paintings to Minecraft.

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Custom Paintings

Add your own custom paintings to Minecraft. No longer are you bound to the number (or sizes) of paintings in vanilla! Based on resource packs, you can define as many paintings as you like! The server will store the painting's size and name and any clients with a painting of the same name will be able to render it!

Please note that no new paintings are included in this mod. You need to supply your own! If you're looking for a painting pack that supports this mod, check out my Famous Real Paintings resource pack!

This mod comes with a painting picker UI, allowing you to specifically choose which painting you'd like to pick. Even if you don't install any painting packs, the new picker UI can help you place exactly the painting you're looking for!

Resource packs

Image files

Insert your custom painting image files in a very similar place as vanilla paintings! The primary difference will be the minecraft folder should be changed to your own custom, unique id, and should match the one listed in your custompaintings.json file (see below).


Similar to vanilla paintings, the files need to be in .png format. While there are technically no minimum or maximum size, it is really recommended to stick to an image resolution of 16 pixels per block (or scaled up to match your current resource pack). Anything over 160 pixels per block is probably going to make the image file larger than it really needs to be and is likely to cause performance issues.

Resource pack format

The custom paintings for this mod are powered by resource packs. To create a resource pack compatible with the mod, simply add a new file custompaintings.json to the root of the resource pack that might look something like this:

  "id": "famouspaintings",
  "name": "Famous real paintings",
  "paintings": [
      "id": "davinci_mona_lisa",
      "name": "Mona Lisa",
      "artist": "Leonardo DaVinci",
      "width": 1,
      "height": 2
      "id": "monet_water_lilies",
      "name": "Water Lilies",
      "artist": "Claude Monet",
      "width": 2,
      "height": 2
      "id": "vangogh_starry_night",
      "name": "Starry Night",
      "artist": "Vincent van Gogh",
      "width": 4,
      "height": 3

Pack properties

id: Text, alphanumeric & underscores only - The unique ID of the painting pack. This must be different from all other painting packs (and different from the mod IDs for other fabric mods that add custom paintings). Additionally this ID determines the directory in which you should place the painting textures. For example, with the ID "famouspaintings", the textures should go in assets/famouspaintings/textures/painting.

name: Text (optional) - The name to show in the painting picker for this collection! If omitted the UI will simply show the resource pack's filename.

paintings: List[Painting] - The definitions of all the paintings to pull from in the painting picker UI!

migrations: List[Migration] - The large-scale migrations associated with this pack. It is not likely you'll want to create one of these by hand, but the standalone painting resource pack editor (coming soon) can generate them for you when you split large packs into multiple smaller ones.

Painting properties

Each painting will need its own properties defined. By default, any painting textures within your resource pack's directory will default to the ID of the filename, with a block height & width of 1. Define entries in your custompaintings.json to overwrite these dimensions!

id: Text, alphanumeric & underscores only - The unique ID of the painting. This is what will be stored on the server and will determine which texture to render. For example, the ID of starry_night in the pack famouspaintings will render the texture located at assets/famouspaintings/textures/painting/starry_night.png.

name: Text (optional) - The name of the painting. Introduced in v2.0.0.

artist: Text (optional) - The artist of the painting. Introduced in v2.0.0.

width: Integer - The number of blocks wide this painting should occupy. For example, the vanilla Donkey Kong painting would have a value of 4.

height: Integer - The number of blocks high this painting should occupy. For example, the vanilla Donkey Kong painting would have a value of 3.

Migration properties

As mentioned above, it is unlikely you'll want to create a migration by hand. However, if you would like to do so, a migration is composed of a few key parts.

id: Text - Together with the pack id should be globally unique across all migrations in all packs.

description: Text (optional) - A human-readable description of the migration, i.e. "Split from 'Famous Real Paintings'"

pairs: List[List[ID]] - The list of painting ID pairs this migration is responsible for. For each entry here, running the migration will reassign any painting with the first ID to instead be the painting with the second ID.

Management UIs

To assist in managing your custom paintings through resource pack updates (because sometimes things can get changed or removed, so the paintings in your world might get out of date), there are a few included UIs designed to facilitate some common cleanup tasks. These screens can be accessed through a keybinding (no assignment by default, located in the Miscellaneous section of the keybinds menu) or by using the /custompaintings manage command.

Unknown paintings

Identify any paintings in your world whose IDs no longer exist in any of your resource packs, then decide whether you'd like to reassign those paintings to something new or simply remove them from your world.

Mismatched paintings

Identify any paintings in your world that have metadata that does not match what is currently specified in your enabled resource packs, and easily update them from the resource pack with the click of a button.

Run a migration

When updating the custom painting resource packs, sometimes it is necessary to do large scale updates (such as splitting packs into multiple smaller ones). If any migrations are specified in any of your painting resource packs, you can run them here to automatically update any paintings affected.


The mod comes some utility commands for managing your custom paintings as well. To access them, open your Minecraft chat and enter /custompaintings followed by the appropriate command. For example, you can access the management UIs by entering /custompaintings manage in the Minecraft chat box. If a command references a "targeted" painting, it is referring to any painting your character is currently looking at.

manage - Opens the management screens

identify - Prints some information in chat about the targeted painting

count - Prints the number of copies of the targeted painting currently in the world

count minecraft:kebab - Prints the number of copies of the kebab painting currently in the world

fix - Attempts to update the targeted painting from the data in your installed resource packs

fix all - Attempts to update all paintings that have incorrect data

fix famouspaintings:davinci_mona_lisa - Attempts to update all copies of the famouspaintings:davinci_mona_lisa painting throughout the world

move up 2 - Moves the targeted painting up 2 blocks

reassign minecraft:aztec - Changes the targeted painting to be the aztec painting

reassign all minecraft:kebab minecraft:aztec - Changes all copies of the kebab painting into the aztec painting

remove - Removes the targeted painting

remove unknown - Removes all paintings in the world that aren't specified in any resource packs

remove minecraft:kebab - Removes all copies of kebab in the world


This mod was designed and developed with single player in mind! While the mod might work on a multiplayer server, everyone would need to have the mod and all custom painting resource packs installed (and all the same version) or things can get messy quick.

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