Adds a few commands for survival Minecraft server and client !

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fabric-api or quilted-fabric-api cyanlib_badge_use

🎴 Show available versions
Supported MC Version Up To Date Last Version
1.17.x - 1.18.x ❌ 0.9.3
1.19 - 1.19.2 ❌ 0.9.13
1.19.3 ❌ 0.9.7
1.19.4 βœ… latest
1.20 - 1.20.1 ❌ 0.9.16
1.20.2 - 1.20.5 βœ… latest
1.21 βœ… latest


  1. Teleport yourself to :

    • your bed / respawn anchor
    • the surface (highest block on your current position)
  2. Save your current location so anyone can teleport to it (useful on servers where you don't want players to set a point but want to let them teleport to predefined ones)

  3. Remove items that are floating on the ground (useful if there is a lot of them, which causes lag)

  4. See and edit plenty of options, like the minimum OP level required to run a command, or the distance in which items will be removed

  5. Teleport yourself back to the place you died (/back command)

  6. Request to teleport to another player using the /tpa command

  7. Consume XP when the player uses a teleportation command (/bed, /surface, /tpa)

βœ… List of commands (and their aliases)
Command Description Alias
/bed Teleports you to your bed or respawn anchor /b
/killgrounditems Kills a items floating on the ground in a certain radius /kgi
/surface Teleports you to the surface /s
/set-location <location_name> Saves the current position as a location /sl <location_name>
/remove-location <location_name> Removes the given location /rl <location_name>
/remove-all-locations Removes the given location ❌
/location <location_name> Teleports you to the given location /l <location_name>
/get-locations Displays all the saved locations /gl
/rename-location <name> <new_name> Renames the given location to the given name ❌
/back Teleports you to the last place you died ❌
/cyan reload-translations Reloads the custom translations (useful when editing them) ❌
/cyan remove-properties-files Transfers the properties files to json files, then deletes them ❌
/cyan get-config Displays in the player's chat the current value of all the options ❌
/tpa <player_name> Sends a teleportation request to the given player ❌
/tpaAccept <player_name> Accepts the teleportation request from the given player ❌
/tpaRefuse <player_name> Refuses the teleportation request from the given player ❌

🌐 Translations

This mod allows you to create and use custom translations or another language than english, instead of the default messages.

To do this, go in the config/cyan folder of your minecraft instance / server and add the fr_fr.json file that can be found here

Once this is done, make sure to rename the file to custom_lang.json (for now, only one language can be loaded so every player of the server will have the same language, but I might add multi-language support at some point)

If you find an issue, please make sure to report it on GitHub so I can fix it (both badges can be clicked on to follow the link)


If you have a suggestion, you can go on my discord server and create a post in πŸ—½-suggestions-forum


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