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Debug Survivability

Made Debug World mutable, meaning that you can now survive inside a Debug World.


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Created 15 days ago
Updated 14 days ago

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Ever wondered if the Debug World, having all the blocks in the game and all, is survivable? Ever wanted to break and place blocks in the Debug World? Well now you can try those with this mod! This mod will literally make the Debug World behaves like normal world (except for the world generation, of course) where you can break and place blocks at will!

Other Features

This mod also changes the "void darkness" effect to trigger at under camera Y=60 to help mitigate flashing effects when you jump on the barrier floor in the Debug World.

One more thing that this mod changed is the world creation screen. When you select Debug World, all the buttons will appear and function as normal. The game mode changer button will also still be enabled.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to @glisco for helping me with Mixins and Access Wideners.