Ender IO - Zoo

Ender IO - Zoo


Ender IO is a full-featured tech mod. It has armor, tools, weapons, machines, conduits, inventory management, mobs, etc.

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Ender IO - Zoo

Ender IO is a full-featured tech mod. It has armor, tools, weapons, machines, conduits, inventory management, mobs, etc.

Attention! This is an addon for Ender IO. You must either install the monolithic version, or the modular version. When used modularly, this requires base and conduits.

Looking for 1.19+?

Ender IO is being rewritten from the ground up for modern version of Minecraft. Ender Zoo is a plugin mod, so it will not release at the same time as Ender IO. Keep an eye out over here.


This is the zoo module that contains all the mobs. (see below)

Ender Zoo's Mobs

  • Enderminy
    • Enderminies spawn in forested or swampy areas in small groups . They are friendly little guys with a particular dislike for creepers. Despite their diminutive stature they pack a nasty punch if provoked. They will defend their nearby brethren and have a chance to teleport away when hit. On death they will drop Ender Pearls and/or Ender Fragments. Ender fragments can be combined to create an ender pearl or used in the creation of the charges.
  • Fallen Knight
    • Fallen Knights have returned to recontest long lost battles. The can be found armed with either swords or bows, though have been known to prefer the sword when engaged in close range fights. Generally found in the open plains on the site of a past battles they will often be mounted on their undead steeds.
  • Fallen Steed
    • These fearsome mounts are only found when being ridden by a Fallen Knight. A mounted knight is a foe to be feared as it is charges at great speed towards its foes. A mounted archer presents a different challenge, retreating when ever possible to stay out of melee range while raining arrows on its target.
  • Concussion Creeper
    • The Concussion Creeper makes no holes and kills no foes, but beware the headache.. They can drop gunpowder, confusing powder or ender fragments.
  • Wither Witch
    • The Wither Witch has discovered the secrets of the Wither, gaining the knowledge required to brew the most evil of potions. While their methods are unknown, slaying one of these evil creatures may gain the victor the means to create the potions for themselves.
  • Wither Witch's Cat
    • Companions of Wither Witches these cute little guys tend to get a little angry and aggressive if you pick a fight with their owner.
  • Dire Wolf
    • Dire Wolves are found in small packs in snow covered forests. The will tend to ignore visitors to their realm, but do not venture too close to these powerful beasts.
  • Owl
    • Owls are found in warmer forests and along rivers. They particularly enjoy eating spiders and watching the world from a high vantage point. Their eggs can be used to brew Potions of Rising.
  • Ender Infected Zombies
    • The Endermen have left The End and are infecting more and more parts of Minecraft. Not only can they now be found in The Nether, they also managed to infect a small number of zombies. Be aware of the weird teleportation powers of these zombies.
  • Infinity Spawn
    • Harvesting Grains of Infinity seems to have awoken the forces of nature. Strange blobs of darkness are rising from the bedrock below.

Enchantments and Potions

Ender Zoo adds the Withering (applied to bows), and Decay (applied to swords) enchantments enchantments. When a target is hit with these weapons they receive the withering effect for five seconds.

With Ender Zoo installed it is also possible to make:

  • Potions Of Decay using the Withering Powder dropped by Wither Witches.
  • Potions of Nausea can be made using Confusing Powder, dropped by Concussion Creepers.
  • Potions of Rising using owl eggs

Blocks and Items

Ender Zoo adds three new varieties on 'TNT", Confusing Charge, Ender Charge and Concussion Charge. When detonated the confusing charge causes all players in its blast range to suffer from the 'confusion' effect. The closer the player is to the blast the longer the confusion lasts. This has no effect and mobs. The Ender Charge randomly teleports players and mobs to a nearby location. The Concussion Charge combines these two effects.

Complete Spawn Control

Ender Zoo adds an xml file that can be used to custom the spawning of any mob, vanilla or modded. Change the rate of spawning, the biomes mobs are found in or remove them completely. See SpawnConfig_Core.xml in the config/enderio folder for details.

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