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Ennui's Bigger Inventories

A banner for the Ennui's Bigger Inventories mod, with Ennui on the foreground shoving a column of inventory slots into a chest while a noticibly full chest sits next to it. On the background, many inventories expanded by the mod can be seen, such as a camel view, a chest, a player inventory (with a Minecraft version of Ennui being visible looking at her other self), the creative inventory (with a comical amount of chests being inside) as well as a glimpse of a recipe book.

Ennui's Bigger Inventories is an inventory overhaul mod that does such in a way that fits vanilla Minecraft naturally: it adds a tenth column not only to the player inventory but also to chests, barrels, shulker boxes, and everything!

A scary thought however, might be losing access to your nine-columned servers or having to sacrifice all your worlds to the mod. Don't worry about that! This mod is fully compatible with not only Vanilla servers but also with nine-columned worlds! You decide when you want to convert your worlds to have bigger inventories.

Warning: This mod is currently on the process of stabilizing itself! While its initial beta release was tested on several survival worlds and hasn't exploded yet? If this mod asks you to make backups at any point in the game, please click the "Create Backup" button!


This mod requires the Quilt Loader and the Quilt Standard Libraries to be installed.

If a starter pack of some sorts is desired, an official carefully-crafted one in the shape of Ennui's Bigger Intro is available for download!


This mod brings in many goodies such as:

  • An "Expand Inventory" toggle on the Create World screen
  • An "Expand All Inventories" button on the Edit World screen
  • 10x4 inventory worlds and servers!
  • Compatibility with 9x4 inventory worlds and servers!
  • Slightly redesigned screens that take advantage of the size!
  • A partial 1.20.2fication of your GUI textures!
  • A tenth slot for your bigger saved toolbars!
    • Compatible with 9x4 worlds using the offhand slot!

Check out the gallery to see this mod in action!


Like all inventory overhaul mods (a fancy name for "mods that messes with inventories deeply"), there's always the question of whenever a mod is compatible with Ennui's Bigger Inventories. The answer is: it depends! But you're likely pretty screwed with mods that touch the inventory and content mods.

Thankfully, it doesn't mean it'll crash and burn with every single mod that exists! But it does mean that if a mod ends being incompatible? They'll have very few routes to go through in order to acquire Ennui's Bigger Inventories support.

One of them are through mods dedicated to implant said support into others mods, such as the officially-supported Ennui's Bigger Gambiarra, named after the fact it is a big messy workaround! The official compat mod however, does have a limited scope, and other people are welcome to develop their own compat mods if desired!

The better route, which is official support by the mod itself, is currently one that is pretty difficult due to how this mod was architectured. There are plans to make it easier for multiplat mod developers to implement such support without any worries.

Fun Facts About The Name Before Y'all Screw It Up

You can shorten it to Ennui's Big Invs (or Enny's Big Invs), EBI, or heck, just call it the Big Inv mod!

Secondly, the answer to "who is Ennui" is the same answer to "who is Rei", "who is Xaero", they all made minimaps and yet I have no idea! So the answer is "I don't know"!

And finally, the reason why I'm doing this: you pronounce Ennui in the most brazillian way; it can't be explained through any other way! heck i guess it can, it's like y'all's silly "annui" but you don't use an A! Use an E! Ennui!

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