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Ennui's Bigger Intro

Ennui's Bigger Intro is the starter modpack for Ennui's Bigger Inventories that not only focuses on introducing the mod itself, but also focuses on introducing other Quilt mods as well!


  • Of course Ennui's Bigger Inventories is here! And thanks to how that mod works, this modpack is 100% compatible with vanilla servers!

  • Fear not about performance! The Sodium, Lithium, FerriteCore and ImmediatelyFast quartet are all here to take care of core optimization!

  • Watch your new worlds create quickly and then load fast with our very own Boring Spawn Chunks mod, which backports Minecraft 1.20.5's spawnChunkRadius game rule as well as its new 3x3 default!

  • Have your experience slightly enhanced by Effective and its collection of visual goodies such as water splashes, screen shakes, allay trails and more!

    • And there's yet more! For the sake of staying closer to Vanilla, some features were disabled on this modpack, but it doesn't mean that you can mess around with its settings yourself! Maybe you'll love enhanced fireballs alongside your favorite shader mod!
  • A zoom mod is always good to have! So why not bring yourself home an Ok Zoomer specially tuned with a smoother and yet snappy smooth multiplier of 0.6!

  • Have helpful tooltips for food, inventories, and more thanks to Inspecio!

  • Need a handy recipe viewer that helps you in more than one way? EMI is here to help you!

  • Bundles are enabled by default on all worlds thanks to a data pack loaded by the tiny QDResLoader resource loader!


As always, your Fabric mods will work just fine on Quilt! Just note that Ennui's Bigger Inventories may break with mods that expect an inventory with 9 columns, which can be many!

If you need a mod that adds features for resource packs to take advantage of? Feel free to add them! After all, this is a starter pack for you to experience what Quilt has to offer.

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