Epic Horse Breed

Epic Horse Breed


Improves horse breeding mechanics.

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Created3 years ago
Updated3 years ago

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Epic Horse Breed

Note: I am probably not going to update this mod. I have started using horsebuff instead. It has additional nice features and has been around longer.

A fabric mod that improves minecraft horse breeding mechanics with linear math.

In vanilla horse breeding is heavily weighted towards average horses. This can make horse breeding very grindy. It is often said that finding horses in the wild is more effective. This mode seeks to take away the exponential grid but keep the vanilla feel.

The minimum and maximum achievable horse stats are kept the same as vanilla.

( pst ) ( except health, we add 5 hearts to the max horse health, your welcome. )

The Math

The code averages both parent horses stats and then adjusts the stats up or down by a random amount.

The health of a child horse is adjusted by plus or minus a maximum of 1 and a half Hearts

The Jump Hight is adjusted by a maximum of approximately 1 half slab

The movement speed is adjust by up to 10% of the movement speed range. movement speed range being the difference between the fastest and slowest possible horses in vanilla.

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