Forgified Fabric API

Forgified Fabric API


Fabric API implemented on top of MinecraftForge

Client or server Library

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Forgified Fabric API

Essential hooks for modding with Fabric ported to MinecraftForge.

Fabric API is the library for essential hooks and interoperability mechanisms for mods. Examples include:

  • Exposing functionality that is useful but difficult to access for many mods such as particles, biomes and dimensions
  • Adding events, hooks and APIs to improve interopability between mods.
  • Essential features such as registry synchronization and adding information to crash reports.
  • An advanced rendering API designed for compatibility with optimization mods and graphics overhaul mods.

For support and discussion for both developers and users, visit GitHub Discussions.


The Forgified Fabric API (FFAPI) is a direct port of Fabric API to Minecraft Forge, regularly kept up to date with the upstream repository. It is designed to make cross platform mod development easier by allowing developers to use Fabric API as a common library to interact with the game's code on both platforms. However, it is not an abstraction layer, and loader-specific code still needs to be handled separately for each platform.

Using Forgified Fabric API to play with mods

Make sure you have installed MinecraftForge first. More information about installing Forge can be found here.

The downloaded jar file should be placed in your mods folder.

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