Furnace Recycle

Furnace Recycle


🔨 All metal-containing items are recyclable in a furnace and return raw materials.

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Requires the library mod Collective.

Furnace Recycle adds smelt recipes to all metal-containing vanilla items. You won't get as much back as it costs to construct the item, but the little iron and gold adds up. Smelt the rails from mineshafts or steal the bell from a village. You probably don't even have to go mining anymore! As each item returns less, there is no risk of duplication.

The full list of smelting recipes is below. Smelting each item takes 200 ticks and gives 0.1 experience.




(Soul) Lantern:


Complete smelting recipe list:
Activator rail -> iron nugget
Anvil -> iron block
Bell -> gold ingot
Blast furnace -> iron ingot
Bucket -> iron ingot
Cauldron -> iron ingot
Chain -> iron ingot
Crossbow -> iron ingot
Detector rail -> iron nugget
Flint and Steel -> iron ingot
Heavy weighted pressure plate -> iron ingot
Hopper -> iron ingot
Iron bars -> iron nugget
Iron door -> iron ingot
(Soul) Lantern -> iron nugget
Light weighted pressure plate -> gold ingot
Minecart -> iron ingot
(Sticky) Piston -> iron ingot
Powered rail -> gold nugget
Rail -> iron nugget
Shears -> iron ingot
Shield -> iron nugget
Smithing table -> iron ingot
Stonecutter -> iron nugget
Tripwire hook -> iron nugget


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