GUI Compass

GUI Compass


🧭 Shows direction and coordinates in the GUI/HUD with a compass in the inventory.

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Requires the library mod Collective.

     This mod is part of The Vanilla Experience.
GUI Compass is a minimalistic configurable client-side mod which shows the direction and coordinates in the GUI with a compass in the inventory. By default the compass is positioned in the top left, but you can change that and the height in the config.

The format of what is visible on the screen can be changed via the 'guiCompassFormat' config value.

Default format: Direction: X, Y, Z

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Configurable: ( how do I configure? )
guiCompassFormat (default = "FXYZ"): What of the GUI compass should be displayed. Default: [FXYZ]. F: facing (direction), X: x coord, Y: y coord (depth), Z: z coord.
 (default = true): When enabled, will only show the GUI compass when a compass is present in the inventory.

compassPositionIsLeft (default = true): Places the GUI compass on the left.
compassPositionIsCenter (default = false): Places the GUI compass in the middle.
compassPositionIsRight (default = false): Places the GUI compass on the right.

 (default = 5, min 0, max 3000): The vertical offset (y coord) for the Compass. This determines how far down the coordinates and direction should be on the screen. Can be changed to prevent GUIs from overlapping.

RGB_R (default = 255, min 0, max 255): The red RGB value for the compass.
RGB_G (default = 255, min 0, max 255): The green RGB value for the compass.
RGB_B (default = 255, min 0, max 255): The blue RGB value for the compass.

Example of the compass while rotating the player:


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