GUI Followers

GUI Followers


🐺 Shows a list in the GUI/HUD of all tamed non-sitting followers around.

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Created2 years ago
Updated4 months ago

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Requires the library mod Collective. 

   This mod is part of The Vanilla Experience.

GUI Followers is a client-side mod which shows a list of all tamed non-sitting following mobs around the player. By default it also shows the health of the follower as a percentage, and how many blocks it is away from the player. Fully configurable! You'll never accidentally leave your wolf buddy behind.

Configurable: ( how do I configure? )
followerListHeaderFormat (default = "Followers:"): The header text above the follower list.

showFollowerHealth (default = true): If enabled, shows the follower's health in the GUI list.
followerHealthFormat (default = ": <health>%"): The format of the health string in the GUI. <health> will be replaced by the percentage of total health.
showFollowerDistance (default = true): If enabled, shows the follower's distance in blocks to the player in the GUI list.
followerDistanceFormat (default = " (<distance> blocks): The format of the distance string in the GUI. <distance> will be replaced by distance in blocks.

distanceToCheckForFollowersAround (default = 50, min -1, max 300): The distance in blocks around the player where the mod checks for tamed, non-sitting followers to add to the list. A value of -1 disables this feature.
timeBetweenChecksInSeconds (default = 2, min 0, max 3600): The time in seconds in between checking for tamed, non-sitting followers around the player.

followerListPositionIsLeft (default = true): Places the follower list on the left.
followerListPositionIsCenter (default = false): Places the follower list in the middle.
followerListPositionIsRight (default = false): Places the follower list on the right.

followerListHeightOffset (default = 20, min 0, max 3000): The vertical offset (y coord) for the follower list. This determines how far down the list should be on the screen. Can be changed to prevent GUIs from overlapping.

drawTextShadow (default = true): If the text displayed should have a shadow drawn below it.
RGB_R (default = 255, min 0, max 255): The red RGB value for the text.
RGB_G (default = 255, min 0, max 255): The green RGB value for the text.
RGB_B (default = 255, min 0, max 255): The blue RGB value for the text.

The wolf named buddy shown in the GUI:

The wolf buddy is currently at 85% health. I did feel a little bad about testing this.

Sitting entities will not be added to the follower list.

Long distances are supported.

And last but not least, a GIF showing the feature:


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