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Hidden Recipe Book

Client mod

📗 Toggle the visiblity of the recipe book icon in crafting GUI screens.


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Requires the library mod Collective.

Hidden Recipe Book is a simple client-side mod which can toggle the visibility of the recipe button in all crafting GUI screens. It does not have to be installed in the server. Contains a few config options for when to send a message and disabling features. Also works on the furnace GUI.

Has a hotkey (by default Tab) which can toggle the visibility of the recipe button. Works when pressed with crafting grid visible. It is the same hotkey as the player list, but they won't interfere with each other.

Configurable: ( how do I configure? )
shouldHideRecipeBook (default = true): If the recipe book should be hidden by default on first launch of the client.
allowRecipeBookToggleHotkey (default = true): If the recipe book visibility can be toggled with the hotkey.
showMessageOnRecipeBookToggle (default = false): If a message should be sent whenever the recipe book is shown/hidden.

What it does:

Hotkey (by default Tab):

When pressing the hotkey:


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