Infernal Expansion

Infernal Expansion


Infernal Expansion is a Vanilla+ 1.16 mod for Forge that expands the Nether beyond the scope of the Nether Update!

Client and server DecorationWorld Generation

Created2 years ago
Updated10 months ago

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  • Switched to using stock Forge biome modifiers
  • Updated method names for Forge rendering refactor
  • InfectionHeartOverlay now implements IGuiOverlay. This is now registered by a RegisterGuiOverlayEvent event.
  • Forge 41.1.0 compatible
  • Fixed Shroomloin type for Quark's Glow Shroom
  • Fixed feature cycle crash related to Basalt Deltas and Glowstone Canyon
  • Voline can now eat Basaltic Magma, spitting out an Iron Ingot in return.
  • Added the Spirit Eye, which gives you 10 seconds of Glowing when you eat it. Useful for signalling your location to other players when lost.
  • Added the Kinetic Tongue Whip, a Mining Master compatibility weapon. Deals 8 points of damage.
  • Changed the Tongue Whip to deal 6 points of damage instead of 3.
  • Reduced Blindsights' Luminance bestowing to 5 seconds from 30, in addition to them now giving you 10 seconds of Jump Boost II on-hit.
  • Their Blindsight Tongue is now consumable for 5 seconds of Jump Boost II.
  • Blindsights now have unique noises, courtesy of NeoNote, whilst Embodies now have updated noises courtesy of Sheddmer.
  • Raw Hogchops now poison you with 10 seconds of Infection II, while Cooked Hogchops give you 10 seconds of Slowness II to balance out their incredible hunger restoration.
  • Made Shroomloins far harder to anger, removing most blocks from their anger goals. (Now only Fungus, Fungus Caps and Wart blocks will anger them.)
  • Updated Dullthorns Block texture palette to be consistent with the current Dullthorns textures. Updated the Dullthorns Tip texture so that if the tiling breaks and repeats the top texture, it should still look somewhat good.
  • Updated Glowsilk Bow & Ascus Bomb sprites.
  • Basalt Delta Strider Altar structures have had Silt added to their loot tables.
  • Blackstone Dwarves now only drop a Golden Apple if killed by the Player.
  • Blindsights, Shroomloins and Hoglins drop their loot less often.
  • It should no longer rain in the Glowstone Canyon.
  • Glowlight Fire now inflicts Luminance.
  • Fixed Infection Overlay displaying incorrectly
  • Several other minor bug fixes

Release 2.4.0

by SwanX1 on Nov 14, 2021
  • Infection overlay will no longer render in Creative Mode or when the GUI is hidden
  • Fixed Warpbeetle and Embody rendering bugs - Warpbeetle no longer floats a block above the ground, Embody no longer renders duplicate arms and head
  • Bones and Quartz will no longer be placed down when opening chests
  • New textures by Sheddmer!
  • Suppressed all Warnings
  • Voline's Eating Table now includes 1.17 items
  • Set Dullthorn Block's tool type to Hoe
  • Added Loot Tables for Cracked Glow/Dim/Dullstone Bricks
  • Added all blocks to appropriate mineable tags to set their primary tool type
  • Optimized assets, reducing filesize, with ImgBot
  • Reworked build.gradle Added publish tasks for the Infernal Studios maven
  • Curseforge and Modrinth: Added publish workflow that automatically publishes releases (with no changelog) to Github and uses previously mentioned tasks to publish to external sites
  • Added a separation for jar files for different Minecraft versions but same version numbers

The project has been updated to 2.3.2-beta.1. No changelog was specified.

Release 2.3.2

by SwanX1 on Oct 11, 2021
  • Updated textures
  • Fixed config files not generating

Release 2.3.1

by SwanX1 on Sep 25, 2021
  • Fixed Luminous Stem texture bug

Release 2.3.0

by SwanX1 on Sep 24, 2021
  • Glowsilk Cocoons now drop themselves when broken with Silk Touch
  • Added loot table and tool to Soul Soil paths
  • Luminous Wart Blocks now have hoes set as main tool
  • Blindsight Tongue Whip can no longer hit entities through blocks
  • Luminous Stem was added
  • Minor rework of brewing recipe system
  • Started clean up of util package
  • Cleaned up ThrowableBrickEntity and ThrowableNetherBrickEntity
  • Added IResizable interface
  • Cleaned up build.gradle
  • Added BiomeDictionary Types to custom biomes
  • Fixed spelling mistake in crafting_shaped/polished_basalt_vertical_slab.json
  • README badges redirect you to the actual sites.
  • Updated GlobalEntityTypeAttributes to use EntityAttributeCreationEvent
  • Updated Forge version
  • Added badges to

Release 2.2.0

by SwanX1 on Aug 10, 2021


  • Fixed bug where you couldn't join servers
  • Changed Basalt Brick and Polished Basalt Tile recipes
  • Added some blocks to tags
  • Added Dullthorns to Sticks recipe
  • Fixed Blindsight Whips not changing knockback amount with the Knockback enchant
  • Mod doesn't fucking die anymore when playing in Turkey
  • Quark "Axes break leaves" feature doesn't affect Glowsilk Cocoons anymore
  • Fixed Dullthorns not being able to be grown taller by right clicking any in the stack with the Dullthorns item
  • Removed Glowsilk from the GSC Roin chest loot table
  • Added a config to replace existing worlds' vanilla nether biome providers with ours. (Thanks Vazkii for advising with this)


  • Incompatability with biome-based datapacks fixed!
  • The Blindsight Tongue Whip now charges and fires twice as fast before! It looks and feels a lot more fun! (Tooltip was also elaborated upon a little.)
  • Glowsilk now repairs items in an anvil for 200 durability. This takes a base cost of 4 levels.
  • Added a tag that can be used to blacklist items from being repaired by Glowsilk
  • Dullthorns can now be grown with Bonemeal OR Glowstone Dust, making them renewable and their height limit breachable.
  • Dullthorns now have a special texture for the tip
  • Glowstone duplication exploit with restoring Dull and Dimstone was fixed.
  • Plantable Quartz is now placeable on all grass and stone blocks (Excluding bricks) via a new tag which can be added to by other mods.
  • Embodies don't take fall damage on Soul Sand or Soul Soil (Path) blocks anymore (Can be added to by a tag too.)
  • Voline Molten Gold Cluster loottable has been reworked - Molten Gold is now worth 1/3 of a Gold Ingot.
  • Voline now get a Gold Apple's effects when eating it.
  • The Infection effect now has its own overlay!
  • Entities with the Infection effect will now have the infection cross over to their arrows, too, giving the effect for 30 seconds.
  • The Luminous effect now burns undead mobs when applied to them.
  • Arrows of Luminance no longer give Luminance for 3 minutes but instead match the Potion's timeframe.
  • Glowsilk Bow no longer adds Luminance to arrows, but the arrows fired by it still give Luminance for 3 minutes.
  • Added Dullrocks to the Glowsquito loot table with a 1 in 10 chance of dropping with an extra roll for each level of looting.
  • Reduced frequency of Flush drop to 25% chance when killed by Dwarf.
  • New Bastion Outpost Loot tables.
  • New Bastion Outposts, courtesy of Bonnie.
  • Finally fixed structures clipping into each other despite differing co-ordinates.
  • Glowsilk Bow's Double Damage was fixed.
  • Whip now takes Knockback enchantment into account when dealing knockback.
  • A few additions to the lang file


  • Added Boric and Cryptic Fire overlays from Biomes You'll Go
  • Added spawning of IE mobs in Biomes You'll Go Biomes (Delete the infernalexp configs for this to take effect)
  • Added tons of new variants for the Shroomloin with compatibility for Biomes You'll Go, Biomes O' Plenty, and more!
  • Fixed compatibility with TerraForged worlds
  • Fixed issues with potion recipes not working with JEI
  • Added compatibility types for shroomloins
  • Other fire types now render correctly on non-self-player entities

Release 2.0

by dariensg on Jul 27, 2021
  • Added the Glowstone Canyon Biome, with music written by LudoCrypt
  • The Glowstone Canyon features spikes made of Dimstone, Dullstone, and Glowstone; pitfall traps made of Glimmer Gravel; and hanging mushrooms
  • Clocks will always point to day while inside the Glowstone Canyon Biome
  • Added soundtrack "Flush" by LudoCrypt
  • Added soundtrack "Soul Spunk" by LudoCrypt
  • Added several new structures, including Glowstone Canyon Ruins, Soul Sand Valley Ruins, Strider Altars, and Bastion Outposts
  • Added Luminance Effect, which causes entities to emit light when active
  • Added Luminous Fungus, which lights up when entities move nearby and gives Luminance effect on contact
  • Added new Infernal Paintings
  • Added the Glowsilk moth, which drops Moth Dust on death
  • Moth Dust is used to brew potions of Luminance
  • Added Glowsilk Cocoons that generate underground and can be broken to get Glowsilk
  • Added Glowsquitos, which apply Luminance on contact
  • Added Blackstone Dwarves, which will spawn in Bastion Outpost structures
  • Added Blindsights, which will hop around and eat Glowsquitos and Players
  • Blindsights drop their tongue, which can be used to craft Blindsight Tongue Stew, a food item that gives jump boost for a minute when consumed
  • Added Dullthorns, a cactus like plant in the Glowstone Canyon that gives the player Luminance on contact
  • Added Glowsilk Bow which fires arrows that emit light as they fly through the air
  • Added the Blindsight Tongue Whip, a new weapon with a charge to attack that has an extended range and knockback
  • Added loot tables for all Infernal Expansion entities
  • Added Glow Fire, Lantern, Campfire, and Torch
  • Added several new block sets
  • Added Hogchops, a new drop that replaces Porkchops in the Hoglin loot table
  • Voline will now eat Magma Creams, which can also now be thrown
  • Voline can now be fed gold items to get Molten Gold Clusters
  • When Voline eat, they will grow, eventually becoming large and sleepy
  • Voline will now attack small Magma Cubes
  • Shroomloin now shoot ascus bombs, which create an area of effect of Infection
  • Shroomloin will melee attack infected entities
  • Shroomloin can now be right-clicked with various mushrooms to turn them into different variants
  • Embodies now drop Soul Salt Clumps, which can be used to craft Cured Jerky, a new food item
  • Striders now stay warm on Magma blocks
  • Warpbeetles now will attack Spiders
  • Warpbeetles can now be right clicked with chorus fruit to be changed to a new variant
  • Warpbeetles now have a new walking animation
  • Small Voline, small Magma Cubes, and baby Striders can now be picked up in buckets
  • Added the ability to charge Dullstone and Dimstone up a level by right-clicking with Glowstone Dust
  • Fire Charges are now throwable and explode on collision
  • Fire Charges can now be used to craft torches and campfires
  • Added Basalt Iron Ore that generates in the Basalt Deltas
  • Buried Bones now generate in the Soul Sand Valley, sticking out of the ground
  • Quartz clusters now generate in the Nether Wastes
  • Added a new /setdimensionspawn command that will set the player's spawnpoint in any dimension
  • Added ingame config GUI
  • Added tons of new config features to allow for lots of personalization and tweaking of settings, including mob spawning, mob hostility, a lag prevention setting for the Luminance effect, and many more!
  • Added an optional Programmer Art resource pack
  • Added Vertical Slab compatability with Quark
  • Added Enhanced Mushrooms compatability for Mushrooms in Glowstone Canyon
  • Added Supplementaries compatability that adds a Glow Sconce

Beta 2.0.0-8

by dariensg on Jul 23, 2021
  • Fixed Dullstone loot table
  • Reintroduced Glowstone Canyon clock mechanics with fix
  • Made Ascus Bombs stack to 16
  • Added compatibility with Enhanced Mushrooms for brown mushrooms in Glowstone Canyon
  • Fixed crash with Skeleton and Spider targeting sometimes crashing the game
  • Added a config to disable Hogchops
  • Fixed several bugs with Blindsight Whip animation
  • Fixed Blackstone generating in Glowspikes in the Glowstone Canyon
  • Shroomloin and Warpbeetles now slow down when converting between variants
  • Fixed Glimmer Gravel not correctly generating along floating edges in Glowstone Canyon

Beta 2.0.0-7

by SwanX1 on Jul 16, 2021
  • Fixed a crash when rendering a clock

Beta 2.0.0-6

by dariensg on Jul 15, 2021
  • Fixed mob spawnrates again
  • Removed glowdust sandstone
  • Tweaked soul stone and soul slate texture
  • Shroomloins are now more rare
  • Blindsights now only move when aggroed
  • Reduced blindsight aggro range
  • Piglins now fear blackstone dwarves
  • Dwarves now disable shields on hit
  • Clocks now always point to day in the Glowstone Canyon
  • Added soundtrack "Flush" by LudoCrypt
  • Added command for setting spawn in any dimension
  • Reduced amount of glowstone sparkle particles
  • Added an optional programmer art resource pack
  • Fixed whip having long reach for non-attack interactions
  • Fixed structures spawning in floating locations
  • Fixed issue with whip on servers sharing animation frames between players
  • Quartz can now be planted on netherrack, quartz ore, quartz blocks, soul soil, and soul sand
  • Planted Quartz now generates in the Nether
  • Added Shroomloin variants, changed by feeding the Shroomloin corresponding mushrooms
  • Fixed Whip rendering bug that caused crash

Beta 2.0.0-5

by SwanX1 on Jun 7, 2021
  • Added custom icon for creative tab
  • Removed Skeletal Piglin
  • Added new Infernal Paintings
  • Fixed mob spawnrates
  • Luminous Fungus now gives Luminance when touched
  • GSC death pit traps now generate properly
  • Blindsights now deal 2 points of damage
  • Glowsquitos now attack all living entities that have Luminance (besides Glowsquitoes)
  • Dullthorns now break when lava/water touches them (The material was changed to Plants)
  • Basaltic Magma crafting recipe was removed, as it is a reward block for exploring the biome
  • All Fungus Caps now are crafted from and are crafted back into 4 of their fungus type
  • Changed the Fungus Caps and Shroomlight Tear textures to ones made by VakyPanda <3
  • Warpbeetles can now also be lured by Crimson Fungus Cap blocks for consistency.

Beta 2.0.0-4

by SwanX1 on May 26, 2021
  • Fixed basalt brick recipes clashing with polished basalt
  • JSON spawnrate configs should now work on servers (DELETE config/infernalexp if you have it!!)
  • Peaceful mobs should now spawn better
  • Basalt giants are now invulnerable to spectral arrows
  • Soul Stone now generates in the SSV
  • Glowsilk cocoons are now rotatable and now use cloth sounds
  • Soul soil paths now no longer have random rotations
  • Updated glowstone, dimstone and dullstone bricks' textures
  • Fixed sinkholes having sand mound above the trapped glowdust sand
  • Various optimizations and internal code cleanup
  • Added dullthorns_ground and guarded_by_shroomloin block tags
  • Added a bit of pitch variation to the glowstone recharge sounds
  • Dullthorn blocks now give luminous instead of glowing
  • Shimmer sand is now broken by fluids
  • Soul stone, soul slate and glowsilk moths now have unique sounds
  • Strider Altar chests now gives Basalt Silt
  • Bastion Outpost chests now give a variety of diamond tools
  • Voline texture no longer has a gray mouth roof
  • Soul Sand and Sand Soil now smelt into Soul Stone and Soul Slate respectively
  • Removed Soul Slate's recipe, as Soul Soil already smelts into it
  • Updated Embody texture
  • Corrected the English localization on Luminous potions
  • Blackstone Dwarf's knockback resistance, health, and damage were lowered drastically
  • Bastion outposts no longer have empty loot tables
  • Fixed Whip animation speed going at a rate of the number of whips in your inventory
  • Made blindsight tongue stew recipe shapeless
  • Added randomization of both direction and texture to the buried bones
  • Fixed Shroomloins targeting creative players when breaking the guarded blocks
  • Smooth Glowblock & Sandstone top texture tweaks
  • Soul Slate Pressure Plate now lights up when pressed down
  • Changed textures for Ascus Bomb, Infection particle, and Infection effect icon
  • Blackstone boulders now spawn in the Glowstone Canyon
  • Glow Campfire now drops the correct amount of glowcoal

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