[LEGACY] InvMove (Fabric)

[LEGACY] InvMove (Fabric)


Adds the ability to walk around while in inventories.


Created3 years ago
Updated2 years ago

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[LEGACY] InvMove (Fabric)
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New version: https://github.com/PieKing1215/InvMove

Minecraft Fabric mod that adds the ability to walk around while in inventories

Forge GitHub CurseForge Modrinth
Fabric GitHub CurseForge Modrinth

NOTE: This Fabric version is still a WIP.
It is missing the mod compatibilities that the Forge version has.
If you come across any problems, please report them on the issues page.

(this gif is from the Forge version for now but it works the same)

Allows for moving, jumping, sprinting, etc. from within inventories.

Also disables the darkened background in inventories that don't pause the game.

Both features can be toggled on or off per-inventory in the config menu.

This mod is client-side, but it may raise alarms if used on servers with anticheat.
I take no responsibility if you get banned or something because you used this on public servers.

Made after I couldn't find an existing mod for this.


Config (In-game)

Click to expand.

alt text

InvMove has an in-game config menu which can be accessed from the mod list using the Mod Menu mod.

In the config menu, you can find several options:


  • Enable: Enable the entire mod
  • Debug Display: Enables a debug overlay that can help debug compatibility problems.

UI Movement:

  • Move In Inventories: Enable movement in inventories
  • Allow Sneaking: Allow sneaking in inventories (disabled by default because it's distracting when shift-clicking)
  • Allow Jumping: Allow jumping in inventories
  • Allow Dismounting: Allow dismounting from mounts in inventories (overrides "Allow Sneaking" while on a mount)
  • Text Field Disables Movement: Disable movement when a text field is focused (like search bars or in an anvil)
  • (Expandable categories that let you enable/disable movement for certain inventories)

UI Background:

  • Hide Inventory Backgrounds: Hides the background tint while in inventories.
  • (Expandable categories that let you enable/disable the background for certain inventories)

Compatibility / Mod Support

Click to expand.

InvMove has specific support for certain mods, but any GUIs from unrecognized mods are added into the config dynamically and can be manually enabled. (not ported yet)
Unrecognized GUIs will only appear in the config once they have been opened/seen in-game.

Explicitly supported mods have their own sections in the config, and come with tested default settings.

If you find problems with any of the explicitly supported mods, please start a ticket in the issue tracker.
If there's a mod you want to be added, also please start a ticket in the issue tracker, especially if it doesn't work enabling it from the "unrecognized" section of the config.

InvMove Fabric explicitly supports the following mods (as of version 0.1.0):


Feel free to use in packs if you wish.

Do not download this mod from anywhere other than the InvMove-Fabric GitHub, Curseforge, or Modrinth page.
This mod may not be reposted to any other third-party websites.

The mod is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0


Porting the unrecognized GUIs feature from the Forge version

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