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This mod is an addon to the Minecraft Transit Railway mod that adds various decoration blocks.

Joban Client Mod

This is an addon based on Minecraft Transit Railway Mod, adding various blocks from the Hong Kong MTR and utility blocks that will greatly improve your world. Some of the blocks this mod adds including Static Signal Light, Fare Saver machine, Railway Vision PIDS and other decoration blocks to help you build your very own railway system!

Supports Minecraft Forge/Fabric modloader, from Minecraft 1.16 - 1.19.

FAQ & Support

Why does my game crash?

There's a variety of reasons, one of the main reasons is that you're using the wrong version of the MTR Mod.
Version labeled as Beta should only be used with a preview version of MTR Mod in their Discord.
If you're unable to download the preview version of MTR, please download the versions labeled as Release.

The game still crashes / I want to report a bug / I want to give suggestions

Most of the support are done in our Discord for easier communication, please join our Discord Server here.

I want to know more!

We have documented most parts of the mod in our wiki.

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