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Jello's main goal is to be a comprehensive implementation of the Gelatin Library. With it comes some bonus and special features unique to this mod:

Many New Colors

Jello adds 1000+ new colors to give you more options to color your base with a growing collective of available blocks! Currently, each color gets a dozen new blocks meaning you have around 12,000 new blocks to enhance your builds. This comes to little cost to memory or load times thanks to Gelatin's heavily optimize Cached Based loading System.

Various Ways of Coloring

Thanks to Gelatin, you have multiple ways of coloring blocks now either using Minecraft Cauldron to dye bulk amounts of blocks more efficiently to new Dye Tools allow you to change the various Compatible blocks to any of the new colors within the game or even the regular crafting methods.

Additional Slime Block Types

Jello adds new variants of vanilla slime blocks in the new colors available but also adds a new variant, the Slime Slab. This block has special properties that allow for finer control of what blocks stick to it. Once more is that each color can only stick to its corresponding colored slime blocks similar to honey and normal slime blocks within vanilla.

Other Features

By default, Gelatin adds the ability to Color any entity with any new DyeColorant added allowing you to have an orange pig, pink sheep, or even a blue cow just for fun.


Should you have any questions, issues or comments, simply join the Wisp Forest Discord and we will try our best to help out

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