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Jello 5.0.4 just contains a fix prevent a debug command from existing within production

Jello 5.0.3 handles various fixes for bugs involved with screen rendering of the Paint Mixer and mining issues

Jello 5.0.2 contains fix for missing items within the Creative Tab and some missing translations for config options

Jello 5.0.1 is a single release to fix Sticky Block Interactions not working i.e opposite colors or honey blocks still sticking to each other.

Jello 5.0.0 is a Major release including the separation of the Mods underline API into its own mod to allow for better mod inclusion and implmentation.


  • Rework to DyeBundle with the inclusion of new way of interacting with the contents of the bundle
  • Rework to how the new DyeColors are loaded by jello allowing for easier revisions to the list of colors.
  • Color Deduplication: This was done due to how many colors (Roughly 500) were only off by 1-5 units away from each other in color space. I have a system inplace to properly remap these colors to the chose alternative meaning there should be no problems upgrading the world. This means that the amount of colors is around 1300 now instead of 1800.
  • [NEW] Jello Cups: These exist for a while within the creative screen but were not really finished. They act like stackable potions for Vanilla Status Effects meaning that you can stack them up to 16 but the downside is that you will need eat more often than a potion. Some even slightly better duration depending on the crafting item used. Info about making them can be found using REI.
  • [NEW] Dragon Health: Similar to Absorption but are permanent for the Potions duration. You need Condensed Dragons Breath to brew such a potion require both Ghast tear and 4 Dragons breath


  • Fix bug with sorting entries within condensed creative

Jello 4.3.0 fixes some mod incompatibility, Includes better gray scaling method for Entities and some other new Features.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fix for Issue with Jello ItemGroup loading to early causing a crash within Polymer
  • Fix Mixin Conflict with Critical Shearing
API Changes:
  • [NEW]: Dynamic Block/Item Texture Grayscaling
    • Feature allows for already existing Blocks and Items contained within the Block atlas to be copied and greyscaled for use within Colored Blocks
  • Major Change certain Colored Registry's
    • ColorizeRegistry is now ColorizeBlackListRegistry as Colorization is Dynamic without hardcoded textures meaning it should work on other modded entities
    • GrayScaleRegistry is now GrayScaleEntityRegistry with some changes to the classes function

API Note: Java docs will come within a future update

Jello 4.1.0 adds two big fixes for Item count on DyeableBlockItemVariants and resolve issues with the Main variant crafting recipe

Bug Fixes:
  • Fix for Item count for DyeableBlockVariants being set to 1 due to vanilla logic issues in the base Item.Settings
  • Fixes for the main Dyeing Variant Crafting Recipe:
    • Fix issues with using the Wrong Dye Tag
    • Fix issues with crafting logic not matching certain edge cases
API Changes:
  • Change to how the override setting when registering Dyes to the DyeableVariantManager to only get the ItemGroup and Tab index if an OwoItemSettings

Jello 4.0.2 fixes major bug for random loading deadlocks due to some bad logic when making the ItemGroup

Jello 4.0.1 is a simple bug fix for Custom Colored shulker boxes not dropping

Bug Fixes:
  • Fix for Custom Colored Shulker Boxes not dropping due to internal getItemStack method getting passed an invalid DyeColor

Finally Jello has been updated to 1.19, sorry for the late update but comes with it a lot of minor API changes, mod compatibility with REI and Condensed Creative, and lots of bug fixes.


  • REI Support:
    • Recipe support for recipes pertaining to the Artist Palette, Custom Dyed Blocks and there Dye item.
    • Use Condensable Entries to cut down on the number of pages that jello adds.
  • Condensed Entries Support:
    • Clean up Jellos new Item Group tab where all the Block/Item variants are now stored.

Bug Fixes:

  • Implement Mixin Plugin for Mixins used for Mod Compatibility.
  • Fix Artist Palette Recipe allowing any Item to be used
  • Fix Cauldron rendering without a bottom due to Mojang's Json Model culling the bottom due to water typically being Opaque
  • Fix issue with sodium rendering Cauldron Water incorrectly

API Changes:

  • Split DyeableBlockVariant into DyeableItemVariant now allowing for just Item Variants to be made, with the inclusion of the new Dye Item Variant
    • This update has caused a lot of changes within the API and may still be broken with some JavaDocs being incorrect.
  • All Variants now contain a builder to hold the methods needed to create the variants to remove clutter of methods that will only be used on creation
  • [ NEW ]: LootTableInjectionEvent allows for someone to add new loot Tables during runtime of the game.
  • [ NEW ]: TranslationInjectionEvent allows for someone to add new translations during runtime of the game.
  • Minor Change to the LanguageProvider for more internal use within the TranslationInjectionEvent
  • Implement a Library for Algorithmic Pluralization of words.
  • Minor shuffle of classes and methods within some internal classes

*Both new Events only allow for adding and not removal/replacement of the existing Data

Fix issue with not up-to-date cache adding possible invalid tags to the mod

Features: -Add support for Sheep Consistency

Bug Fixes: -Finally fixed tag problems(I hope) -Fix issue with NBT data not copying when Dyeing a item with such data (i.e. A Shulker box full of items)

Add better support for disabling Custom Json Dye Colors with new Disconnection message and simple bug fix.

Bug Fixes: - Redundant Tags causing Tag loading problems and problems for some gameplay elements

Another small update to patch an issue involved with Sodium's Biome Blending that would crash or break terrain rendering when trying to blend Custom cauldron Block Entity

Small Bug Fix for Crashing due to NullPointerException within the Cauldron Color Helper Block Entity

Small update for Jello with minor features and fixes:

  • Added support for Better Beds with it now internally dependent on.
  • Added minor Config Option to disable Cauldron Transparency fix
  • The Cauldron Dyeing MOD is now properly labeled as an incompatibility with Jello as it adds similar features causing crashes.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Particle tinting issues with the Shulkers, Beds and Candle cakes
  • Fixed incompatibility with Better Beds

API Changes:

  • Just some more in-code documentation... nothing major here

Another Update for Jello bringing some internal API Changes:

  • Added the new DyeTool Interface for items which Mod Creators would want to use to Dye Entity's or Blocks
  • Changed how DyeItemStorage Interface works meaning you can now specify if A Item is a DyeItem or not

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