Jello 2.5.0 for 1.18.2


[Required Mods:] Cloth Config, owo, Fabric API

This new version brings alot to Jello with a new the sponge tool crafted with a dry/wet sponge and a shears and can clean up to 64 entity's or blocks before needing to be cleaned in a block of water or cauldron.

Also included is a new way to dye in minecraft based on the Bedrock versions ability to dye items in cauldrons. You can dye any dyeable item(Leather Armor) with the ability to color mix them to your hearts content. It also will dye up to 8 blocks(Dyeable blocks like terracotta) at a time allowing for one dye to 24 dyed blocks. Skulkers are also supported.

Final thing includes some new API changes:

  • A new colorBlockRegistry which can used to add other mods to Jellos dyeing event. I have added consistency plus by default meaning when they update to 1.18.2 that it will work on there whole line up of Dyeable blocks
  • A replacment for vanillas DyeColor Enum with a new DyeColor registry though at the moment it is only used internally with progress still needing to be made to get vanilla to use this new registry.
  • Also a major refactor of the folder structure and change to use the experimental DyeColor registry meaning the any entity's already dyed may reset back to default due to code changes


jello-2.5.0+1.18.2.jar(936.04 KiB) Primary Download

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