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Jello 3.0.0 for 1.18.2


[Required Mods:] Cloth Config, owo, Fabric API

This release of Jello brings so much to the table in new Blocks and new API tools for mod creators! Content Updated/Added:

  1. Added A bunch of new DyeColors and Colored Block Variants(Terracota, wool, concrete, etc) that are compatible with all of Jello coloring events! You can get these various new colors via various methods added by Jello.

    • Included with this is Custom Sheep Coloring allowing you to farm your favorite wool colors a little easier
    • Dispensers also now work with these custom dyes allowing for some automatic Entity Coloring!
    • Also included is Continuity Support for all the added Colored Glass blocks! (You will need to enable such in the resourcepack screen when such is installed)
  2. The new Dye Bundle can be crafted by surrounding a normal bundle in 8 of any vanilla dye. This new tool allows you to more efficiently use your dyes with Jellos with many new ways of coloring blocks!

    • Enabled the crafting of the Bundle to allow for the player to get access to the Dye Bundle
  3. Cauldrons now have parity with the Bedrock version of the game allowing for you to finally Dye Leather Armor in them! You can even use the newly added dyes if you want!

  4. A new Paint Mixer allows for you to get all the dyes you like but It will require a Paint Pallete to use it. You can make up to 256 Dyes before you will need to refill the Pallete with Red, Green, Blue, Black, and White Dye in whatever order!


  • Fix Crashing with Biome Makeover and Other mods using the DyeColor Enum's "values()" method and getting Jellos Internal Null value
  • Fix every entity turning pitch black on the server
  • Fix Sponges not actually getting dirty due to Code mishap
  • Fix the inability to Dye donkey's or llamas

API Changes:

  1. A bunch of refactoring on the main package breaking a lot of old Code calls(Sorry but blame glisco).

  2. With this came the change over to the use of the new DyeColorant System allowing for the creation of custom DyeColorant with the ability to create new block variants from such! More support to use these custom Dye items in the future like Sign Coloring and custom map Colors.

  3. A new Dyeable Block Variant system that allows you to add custom Colorable Block Variants to Jellos system allowing for already existing DyeColors and added DyeColorants to automatically create colored Blocks based on your Variant! (Automatically will work with all of Jellos systems of Dyeing your new block)

  4. I now have the builds being hosted on a Maven! All info is located on the Github page.

Final Notes: The API will get more JavaDocs and documentation in the future.


jello-3.0.0+1.18.2.jar(1.25 MiB) Primary Download

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