A Forge port of Indium, providing FRAPI support for Embeddium

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Lazurite is a Forge port of Indium, created to provide FRAPI support for Fabric mods running on Forge via Sinytra Connector, as well as fixing incompatibilities with some mods.

It is an addon for the rendering optimisation mod Embeddium, providing support for the Fabric Rendering API. The Fabric Rendering API is required for many mods that use advanced rendering effects, and is currently not supported by Embeddium directly. Lazurite is based upon the reference implementation Indigo, which is part of Fabric API with source available here. (licensed Apache 2.0)

Lazurite is not supported by Indium. Please, do not report issues encountered with it to their bug tracker or in their Discord. Use Lazurite's issue tracker for reporting bugs.

The Forgified Fabric API and Embeddium are required to run Lazurite.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which mods require Lazurite?

Any mod that uses the Fabric Rendering API will require Lazurite when used with Embeddium. These include: Campanion, Bits and Chisels, LambdaBetterGrass, Continuity, Packages, and many more. Some of these mods may function without an implementation of the Fabric Rendering API, but have broken textures and models.

Does Lazurite affect performance?

Lazurite's impact on performance should be negligible, however mods that use the Fabric Rendering API could themselves impact performance. Lazurite will not provide a performance benefit over using only Embeddium.


  • comp500 and contributors for creating Indium, making FRAPI support on Sodium possible
  • embeddedt for their Forge port of Sodium


Lazurite follows the license of upstream Indium, which is the Apache-2.0 license.

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