[📦] Logic Gates (Fabric)

[📦] Logic Gates (Fabric)


A Minecraft mod that adds logic gates to the game.

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[📦] Logic Gates (Fabric) has been archived. [📦] Logic Gates (Fabric) will not receive any further updates unless the author decides to unarchive the project.
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Logic Gates is a Fabric Minecraft mod that adds logic gates and latches to the game. Logic gates are redstone components that can either output or not output redstone signal based on the redstone inputs. You can read more about logic gates and how they work here.


Logic gates featured in this mod:

  • AND gate
  • NOT gate
  • NAND gate
  • OR gate
  • NOR gate
  • XOR gate
  • XNOR gate

Latches featured in this mod:

  • Set-Reset latch
  • Data latch

Other redstone components featured in this mod:

  • Wire (acts like a 0 tick repeater)
  • Wire turn (same as wire, but it is a 90° turn)
  • For a full list of all blocks featured in this mod, please visit the mod wiki

How to use the logic gates

Logic gates act similarly to repeaters, except as opposed to having one input and output, they have multiple inputs and one output. A logic gate's redstone output depends on it's redstone inputs. Most logic gates featured in this mod have two inputs and one output. Such logic gates have one input on the opposite side of the output, and one input on the side. You can toggle the direction of the side inputs of logic gates by right clicking (using) them.

Here is a short video showing how some of the logic gates work (click the image):
Logic Gates demonstration

How to craft the logic gates

More info, including how logic gates work and how to craft them can be found on the Wiki page. They are simply too long to fit on this page.

Mod config (v1.1 and up)

As of version v1.1, mod config support was added. To get started, visit the mod wiki page for setup instructions and a list of properties you can use.

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