Mineral Chance

Mineral Chance


💎 Players can find minerals inside stone-type blocks when mining in the overworld and nether.

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Createda year ago
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Requires the library mod Collective.

     This mod is part of The Vanilla Experience.
Mineral Chance is a mod created to make mining a little bit more exciting. It adds a chance to find a random mineral after mining a stone-type block. In the overworld these stone blocks are stone, andesite, diorite, granite, tuff and deepslate. In the nether it's netherrack, basalt and blackstone.

By default there is a 1/50 chance to find a mineral. The overworld minerals consist of diamonds, iron nuggets, gold nuggets, lapis lazuli, redstone and emeralds. The nether minerals consist of quartz, golden nuggets and netherite scraps(1.16+). Mining with Silk Touch will disable mineral drops.

All minerals have the same chance of dropping. The message when finding a random mineral can be changed and turned off in the config.

Configurable: ( how do I configure? )
extraMineralChanceOnOverworldStoneBreak (default = 0.02, min 0, max 1.0): The chance a mineral is dropped when an overworld stone block is broken. By default 1/50.
extraMineralChanceOnNetherStoneBreak (default = 0.01, min 0, max 1.0): The chance a mineral is dropped when a nether stone block is broken. By default 1/100.

enableOverworldMinerals (default = true): If enabled, mining overworld stone blocks in the overworld has a chance to drop an overworld mineral. These consist of diamonds, gold nuggets, iron nuggets, lapis lazuli, redstone and emeralds.
enableNetherMinerals (default = true): If enabled, mining nether stone blocks in the nether has a chance to drop a nether mineral. These consist of quartz, gold nuggets and netherite scraps(1.16+).
disableMineralDropsWithSilkTouch (default = true): If enabled, minerals won't drop from stone mined with the silk touch enchantment.

sendMessageOnMineralFind (default = true): If enabled, sends a message when a mineral is found to the player who broke the stone block.
foundMineralMessage (default = "You've found a mineral hidden in the block!"): The message sent to the player who found a hidden mineral when 'sendMessageOnMineralFind' is enabled.

ignoreFakePlayers (default = true): If enabled, minerals won't be dropped if the player is a fake. For example when a mod breaks a block as a simulated player.

The effect in action in the overworld with 'extraMineralChanceOnOverworldStoneBreak' set to 0.5:

The effect in action in the nether with 'extraMineralChanceOnNetherStoneBreak' set to 0.5:


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