Miner's Minerals

Miner's Minerals

Adds 50+ Metals and Gems and much more

Client and server EquipmentWorld Generation

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Fixed error on server when trying to generate ores caused by dimension blacklist.

All minerals can now be used as a base for beacons

All minerals can now be used as payment in the beacon GUI

Added config for better mod support

Added config to blacklist dimensions

Fixed some missing loot tables

Now injecting loot tables instead of using json files

Each mineral ore type now drops it's stone ore rather than the actual ore (Unless you use silk touch.)

Mineral balance changes

Fixed a server crash

Fixed crash when throwing shuriken

Balanced some mineral stats

Improved topaz textures

Starfish texture now has random rotation

Black diamonds now drop from diamond ore

Better names for ores

Fixed curses not working on the TRex Skull

Fixed fossils not being effected by fortune

Added nugget recipes

Fixed crash when enchanting armor.

Fixed crash when repairing armor.

Fixed some broken sword recipes.

Recipes that previously used vanilla sticks can now use sticks from other mods.

Initial release.