More Mob Drops (Fabric)

More Mob Drops (Fabric)


Have you ever felt cheated to find out that goats don't drop anything? Well, not anymore!

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Have you ever felt cheated to find out that goats don't drop anything? Ever spawned in a place where the only mob around didn't drop food? Ever wanted to eat bat meat? Or simply wanted to have more options when choosing which animals to use for food? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this mod is for you!

More Mob Drops does exactly what it says: It makes it so that all neutral mobs in the game drops something that would be expected for them to drop when killed.

This is a server side mod, that doesn't add anything new to the game. All the drops are already in the game. We'll update this in the future with a config option, so players can change what each mob drops and how much.

Hope you enjoy!

P.S.: There is no plans for this to be ported to forge. You're free to do it yourself if you want, though....

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