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Not Just Biomes is a mod that aims to alter and improve worldgen in a slightly different fashion than other worldgen mods. Instead of going far over the top and overloading the game with dozens new structures and biomes, this mod aims to introduce meaningful changes to the vanilla biomes and structures while keeping it like vanilla, in both style and simplicity.

Several biomes have been spruced up by this mod.

Forested biomes like the Taiga and Birch Forest have taller trees, fallen logs, rocks and other smaller features.

Swamps have been made a bit more wild, with small dripleaves and mud pools dotting the surface.

Cherry Groves are more lively, including bamboo and more flower variation.

In some of these biomes are smaller features that aren't quite on the scale of structures.

There is a new variant of ore veins, which are smaller and more abundant (albeit still pretty rare). Emerald veins spawn in mountain biomes, Gold veins spawn in Badlands biomes, and Nether Gold veins spawn in the Nether.

Badlands and Snowy biomes both have their own variants of the Desert Well, with special items hidden in Suspicious Gravel.

Dungeons have also been polished, with several new variants that utilize blocks that are newer than Cobblestone.

Structures also receive a fresh coat of paint.

Currently the only structure improved is the Woodland Mansion, which has much better loot and a whole new set of rooms that utilize many newer blocks.

This mod is entirely server-side as it introduces no new blocks, items, entities, or anything like that.


  • Birch Forest, Dungeon, Forest and Taiga modules: All
  • Mansion module: 1.18.2-1.20
  • Swamp module: 1.19+
  • Cherry Grove module: 1.19.4+
  • Tectonic Trees, Ore Vein, Well modules: 1.20+

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