Numeral Ping

Numeral Ping


Display the ping for each player.

Client Utility

Created2 years ago
Updated2 months ago

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Numeral Ping

Important: you must also download YACL as of 1.2.1.

Does what it says on the jar ™

A Quilt/Fabric mod to show the ping of each player in the tab list (instead of the normal icon). This is heavily inspired by and essentially a drop-in replacement for Numeric Ping (this mod's inspiration), using a similar rendering method. This mod is more up to date, with a configuration menu and 1.19 support.


This mod was translated to Simplified Chinese by thaumiel9, and Brazilian Portuguese by FITFC. Fesaa has contributed to the code!

Resource Packs

If your resource pack has issues, enable the built-in font fix pack ("numeralping/font_fix" or "numeralping/font_fix_high_res" depending on whether you want a pixelated, or smooth font).


You can use this mod in singleplayer, but it won't really do much. However, if you open to LAN, it may actually be useful.


You can use this mod on any server without them needing to add support. Unfortunately, on Hypixel (and possibly other servers), the ping will only display correctly in lobbies.

Forge and Older Versions

Forge (and older versions) may be supported in the future. This is a pretty simple mod, and a lot of code could be shared.

Newer Versions

Hello person from the future. If I'm still alive, I'll try to keep this up-to-date. Maybe open an issue on GitHub if there isn't already.

Suggest new Features

If you would like to suggest a feature, open a new issue.

Oh Dear

If something goes terribly wrong, again, please report it on the issue tracker (preferred method). This mod should have pretty good compatibility, but things always go wrong.

Discord Server for now!

Mod in action

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