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Nvidium rendering huge amounts of terrain geometry

Nvidium is a replacement rendering backend for sodium that uses nvidia only opengl extensions to increase fps by a significant amount.


This mod explicitly requires an nvidia gpu that supports mesh shaders. This feature was introduced in turing architecture, anything that is a 16xx series or newer (20xx series also works) that supports mesh shaders.

Q: Will this mod work on my non-Nvidia system?

A: No, the mod is not functional on non-Nvidia systems, but the Nvidium will automatically disable itself. Your gameplay will not be affected.


This mod uses uncommon technology (mesh shaders). This may result in minecraft terminating unexpectedly.

How does it work

With mesh shaders, a near fully gpu driven rendering pipeline is used, enabling very fast and performant geometry culling of terrain meaning your gpu can work much more efficiently.

Requires sodium to run

Disables itself when iris is actively using shaders

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