Ore Innovations

Ore Innovations

Adds and improves upon the ores in the base game.

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Ore Innovations is a mod that adds new ores like Rubies or Enriched Diamonds and new Combinations of existing ores to make new and exiting Items that can shape the way you play the game. If you feel like you need more to explore underground than this is the mod for you.

Ores: Rubies, Enriched Diamonds, Endium, Uranium (1.18+), Electric Copper (1.18+).

More too come in future versions

Ore Innovations will continue to be updated to the newest versions for foreseeable future. Don't ask for a fabric port because it most likely wont happen.

Feel Free To Use This Mod In Modpacks

If you find any Issues @ me on twitter: https://twitter.com/MeloniMods

*Note like all my mods I HIGHLY RECOMMEND to use JEI or REI with this mod as their are a ton of items in this mod