Ore Innovations

Ore Innovations

Adds and improves upon the ores in the base game.

Client and server AdventureEquipmentWorld Generation

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-Added Bound Door

-Added Bound Trapdoor

-Added Deceased Tree Door

-Added Deceased Tree Trapdoor

-Retextured Ruby Tools

Bugfix: Bound/Deceased planks couldn't craft crafting tables

Bugfix: Armor didn't have equip sounds

The Bound and Bits Update

-Retextured all the textures related to the Bound Realm -Retextured Flint and Copper -Retextured Bound Portal

-Retextured Copper Water Bucket

-Changed the electric fence to actually be a fence

-Added Steel

-Added Steel Spear

-Added Carbon Infusion

-Added Unbridled Stone, Stairs, Slabs, and Walls -Added Polished Unbridled Stone, Stairs, Slabs, and Walls

-Added New Woodset: Deceased Tree

-Added New Biome: The Ceased Desert

-Added Ceased Sand and sandstone

-Added Ceased Glass -Added Ruby Necklace

-Added Polished Andesite Walls

-Added Polished Granite Walls

-Added Polished Diorite Walls

-Added Stairs, Slabs, and Walls for Tuff and Calcite

-Added 4 New Achievements:

"Chemical Warfare" "Keep the Unwanted Out" "URANIUM FEVER"

"Endium Frenzy" -Reworked Advancement "Enrich Me with Diamonds"

-Added Mob: Frozen Zombie

-Added Item: Frozen Flesh

-Added Cooldowns for both Electrocution Staff and Staff of the Earth

Bugfix: Armor was significantly weaker than supposed to be

Bugfix: Tools for Copper And Ruby were weaker then intended