Opinionated item storage. Sucessor to Worse Barrels.

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version loader availability note
1.20.1 Fabric and Forge
1.19.4 Fabric and Forge unmaintained cause noone plays 1.19.4 lol
1.19.2 Fabric and Forge
1.18.2 Fabric and Forge Bugfix-only, at the moment
1.17.1 Fabric Unmaintained, very old version
1.16.4 Fabric Unmaintained, very old version
Probably works on 1.16.5

Packages is an opinionated item storage mod. It's like "barrel" mods, except it's not focused on being your storage solution. Instead, I want to be your storage problem: each package can only hold up to eight stacks (512) of any one item, and there are no capacity upgrades, void upgrades, or anything of the sort by design.

I made this mod because I like the semantics of shulker boxes but, in vanilla, not their cost. Comparatively, Packages are extremely affordable, and act as a more limited shulker box. You can manipulate Packages in exactly the same way you can manipulate shulker boxes - crush them with pistons to break them, and dispense with a dispenser to place them. If you want to store more than 512 items, you can always nest them inside each other. And you can measure how full they are with a comparator. Let your creativity run wild - what can you make?

New in this version of the mod, that's not in the old Forge version - build the Package Crafter out of some spare wood bits, then create Packages with any combination of blocks and a dye you like. Thanks to Kat for creating the model for the Package Crafter, by the way!

At the moment it's not quite up to feature parity with the old Forge version but it's not thaaaaat far off.

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