Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost


The hostile paradise of yore, bask upon a new dawn

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Created3 years ago
Updateda year ago

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Now for 1.18.2!


Still in development



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Who is making this?

Paradise Lost stands to be a new Skylands Dimension mod, inspired by the legendary Aether mod and seeking to grant great, fresh adventures.
Paradise Lost is developed by a closely-knit team of modders - The Immortal Devs.
We aim to bring carefully woven experiences, built to be enjoyed now and a hundred worlds later, and while PL may be the firstborn, it is not the only mod we are currently working on.



What is Paradise Lost?

Let me tell you a tale of a land in the sky, a hostile paradise lost to time. ...

These old skylands are shattered world set on a canvas of clouds, painted with dreamy colors, cast upon a new dawn.
This world is a host to a great many creatures, peoples, and places, amidst the sea of clouds you may find
landscapes unlike any you've seen before, dungeons filled with trap and treasure, and hamlets that may make a for a good home.
Gaze upon the horizon as a new dawn breaks over this olden land, allow yourself to get lost in the endless expanse, let your heart guide you.

Gaze upon the moon as you wander amidst snow, song, and sand, remembering the home you left behind but never looking back.
For what does homesickness say forthwith about a man when wonders lay abound at each crevice...
Regardless, why are you still here? Go venture out! I am not going to tell you the whole story, go find it out yourself!
After all...
An explorer must explore.



... and let you be deaf to the song's sweet lies.



Please keep in mind that this mod is still under active development.

Dungeons and other structures are coming with the next major update, and there are various other things currently missing.

If you find any bugs, please, make sure to click the little Issues tab atop the page and submit them there.
And if you want to follow development or just chat about, make sure to check out the discord!





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