Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost


The hostile paradise of yore, bask upon a new dawn

Client and server AdventureMagicWorld Generation

Created3 years ago
Updated10 months ago

Beta 1.6.0



Swets have undergone a large overhaul, and are much more fluid - in more ways than one.

  • White Swets can change color
  • Swets now display their correct color
  • Swets now vary in size
  • Added #the_aether:swets tag
  • Swet revamp (jiggle physics)
  • Swets now suck berries off blueberry bushes.
  • Changed what swets can absorb to a whitelist
  • Added World of Goo advancement for growing a swet considerably
  • Changed jump height and health for swets
  • Swets are content. (They won't fall off the sides of the aether anymore)
  • Right clicking a swet with a spawn egg or swet ball will increase its size
  • Swet balls come in various colors now
  • You can now use leads on swets


Lots of worldgen changes have come to the aether. The aether is now a far cry from homogenous.

  • Water now fades from the bottom of the world in the aether, rather than from y = 0
  • Still water now properly fades in the aether
  • Made aerclouds carver-based
  • Added blocks for the slider dungeon
  • Implemented lots of flora ❤️ (Amadrys, Halophia, Honey Nettle, Giant's lily, weeping cloudbursts, lichen, flowering grass, moss star, and more)
  • Added lakes
  • Boreal wisteria leaves now update dynamically in real time
  • Boreal wisteria items also dynamically update
  • Aerclouds are now nice and wispy
  • Added frosty blocks, courtesy of 24Chrome
  • Added spring water
  • Fixed bug regarding tree leaves decaying
  • New biomes: As stated by our resident biome-guy Azzy:
  • Continental plateau, a cool plains-like biome filled with flowering grass
  • Highlands shield, a wet, cold, rocky woodland bustling with mushrooms and wild flax
  • Autumnal tundra, frozen wastes without much of note... and a sign of something to come
  • Fixed bonemeal behavior on quicksoil and aether grass
  • Added potted aether flowers
  • Added coarse aether dirt
  • Added swetroot crops
  • Added liverwort

Floating Blocks

Behind the scenes, the code for floating blocks has been streamlined, making way for various changes.

  • Floating blocks drop as if broken
  • Fire is no longer floatable
  • Floating TNT may now explode depending on its landing velocity
  • Floating lightning rods may cast a thunderbolt based on weather and velocity upon landing
  • Fast floaters, swet transformations, non-floaters, grows_swets, now tag based.
  • Adds floating block pushers (Like pistons + slime blocks)
  • Adds a helper class to simplify making floating blocks, for addon makers
  • Floating block hitboxes are now centered
  • Floating blocks look a tad nicer
  • Added /gravitate command, to float blocks
  • Added a FloatingBlockHelper api


A new system to allow for complex effects.

  • Added Condition System
  • Added a condition API for ease of use for addon makers.
  • Added venom condition
  • Added /condition command


Moa genetics is finally here!

  • Saddled moas now drop their saddle upon death
  • Moas will now follow their parents
  • Added Moa Genetics system
  • Added the incubator and food trough
  • Added a moa API for ease of use for addon makers.
  • Added /moastat and /moaegg commands


  • Added remaining spawn eggs (check which these are)
  • Renamed some items (Gingerbread man, Blueberries, etc.)
  • Added boats for aether wood variants
  • Added bloodstones
  • Empty skyroot buckets can now be used as fuel.
  • The aether portal item is now 3x3 instead of 1x2 when placed
  • Aether spawn eggs now work in dispensers
  • Added "decorations" item group
  • Removed unused, unobtainable items
  • Reorganized the creative inventory
  • Added a placeholder Lore book screen
  • Began work on the Lore book
  • Oranges are now compostable
  • Redid healing stone
  • Much more


  • Added bark blocks for aether wood variants
  • Added pressure plates, buttons, for aether wood variants
  • Added signs for aether wood variants
  • Villagers will now farm on aether farmland
  • Rabbits will now eat carrots from aether farmland
  • Aether bookshelves are now supported by enchantment tables
  • Added a quicksoil speed limit
  • Removed unused, unobtainable blocks
  • Added skyroot chests
  • Much more


  • Added dart entity textures
  • Dead aether mobs can no longer be saddled
  • Added cockatrice textures
  • Cockatrices now shoot at you
  • Aerbunnies no longer block your vision
  • Fixed aechor plants
  • Aechor plants now spawn naturally
  • Aerbunnies now fall slowly
  • Aerbunnies now can float the player
  • Removed unfinished entities
  • Added nightly birds

Behind the scenes

  • Optimized textures
  • Added issue templates
  • Added support for MoreTags by Gudenau
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent other mods' fuels from working with our mod.
  • Removed all of our accesswideners (and then added some more)
  • Removed unnecessary garbage
  • Added documentation to our APIs
  • Updated mod metadata to account for new developers.
  • Fixed incompatibility with ExpandAbility
  • Improved localisation
  • Added devel features
  • Cleared the startup logs


  • You can now light an aether portal with a skyroot bucket, splash potion, or dispenser
  • The player now spawns 320 blocks above world height upon falling from the aether
  • Added custom portal sounds
  • Added a new soundtrack by Sunsette
  • Fixed aether worldborder issues
  • Blue aerclouds no longer spawn particles when the entity isn't bounced.
  • Fix: Aercloud overlays are no longer static
  • Fixed placement of doors in tall grass
  • Added dense aercloud overlay
  • Water now properly paths around dense aercloud.
  • The game is no longer unplayable (Moved the hoe texture by one pixel)
  • Phoenix armor has a beak once more
  • Added zonked state
  • Fixed lever and mossy holystone recipes
  • Added "simmering" status effect


aether-1.17.1-1.6.0.jar(42.05 MiB) Primary Download

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