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Wanted to decorate your world bit more? Add some sign posts directing through the world, some benches in the park to sit on or shelves in your house to put items on?

PolyDecorations is Fabric (and Quilt) server side modification powered by Polymer which multiple decorative blocks such as wooden benches, shelves, sign posts and braziers! It's ideal to add to server you play with your friends, that don't want to install mods on the client.

== Download on Modrinth ==

This mod was heavily inspired by Aurora's Decorations mod, which you should try out/use instead if you aren't looking for server side mod!

Extra mods you might want to use!

Polymer AutoHost

Simplest way to handle automatic resource pack generation for your server! While bundled by main distribution of Polymer, you need to enable it by hand as it will be otherwise disabled. But it is quick and simple!

Armor Stand Editor

The best™ server side pose editor for Armor Stand (and by extension, Statues!). Highly suggested for better customizability! Checkout Modrinth page for more information!


The first of my mods in this style! But instead being purely decorative, it adds some functional stuff, new crafting stations and automation. Checkout Modrinth page for more information!

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