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Ever wanted to play with tech mods, but people you play with don't want to install them? Or maybe you are making a server, but vanilla gameplay isn't enough? If so, this project will be ideal for you!

PolyFactory is Fabric (and Quilt) server side modification powered by Polymer which adds new mechanics, blocks and tools allowing for further automation, processing and storage (or in simpler terms, it's a tech mod)!

Use Grinders, Mechanical Presses and Mechanical Mixers to process items into different, likely more useful or compact items, transport them with lines of Conveyors and sort them out with Item Splitters and Funnels into their own respective Wooden Containers. Just remember to create a Windmill or Steam Engine, as using Hand Crank for everything isn't ideal. Then, if you think you are done with machinery, you can use some Item Readers, Item Counters connected to Nixie Tubes via colored Cables to display information in a nice and visible way!

You don't know how to start? Use advancements and recipe book/Polydex for help, as they should guide you through the mod!

Extra mods you might want to use!


While not necessarily required, it's highly recommended to install Polydex, as it allows you to view all recipes in a simple interface. PolyFactory has full support for them, with a shortcut button in all crafting station.

Polymer AutoHost

Simplest way to handle automatic resource pack generation for your server! While bundled by main distribution of Polymer, it requires some manual setup to work correctly. But it is quick and simple!


Wanted to decorate your world a bit more? If so, this mod is ideal for you! PolyDecorations is Fabric (and Quilt) server side mod which multiple decorative blocks such as benches, braziers and shelfs. Checkout Modrinth page for more information!

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