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by Patbox on Feb 29, 2024
  • Added Tachometer (measures rotations per minute) and Stressometer (measures stress units left):
    • Both require connection to some display (Hologram Projector, Nixie Tube) to display their values.
  • Added Spray Can:
    • It can be used to recolor Cables, Nixie Tubes, Lamps and most vanilla colored blocks.
    • You can create it in Mechanical Press with Empty Bucket and Copper Ingot.
    • You can fill it with dye by putting it in the inventory (like bundles) or crafting, with 8 charges per dye.
  • Reworked general "data provider/receiver blocks" (Item Counter, Nixie Tube Controller, Block Observer, Item Reader, Redstone Input/Output):
    • Instead of having single directional input/output, you need to place cable inside of it.
    • The cable connects the same way as regular one, excluding the direction data-block is facing.
    • Existing blocks will convert to the new ones, without any changes in connection until you change them yourself.
  • Improved Hologram Projectors:
    • Added option to force everything to display as text.
    • Added option to change pitch and yaw aside of just roll of hologram.
    • Fixed some bugs with displaying holograms.
  • Mechanical Placers can now use selected items on blocks.
  • Improved physics of players effected by fans and conveyors.
  • Improved placement of Windmills to always point to connected side.
  • Added new advancements, pointing to recently added things.
  • Hoppers, Redstone Repeater, Redstone Comparator, Dispensers and Droppers can be rotated by using Wrench.
  • Added breaking particles to all the blocks that didn't have them.
  • All crafting-machines should now work with hoppers.
  • Fixed dynamic blocks not having correct visuals sometimes.
  • Improved Wrench Action selection.
  • Changed multiple textures and models:
    • Most notably: Item Splitter, Cables, Wireless Redstone Input/Output, Treated Kelp and Ender-Amethyst Crystal


by Patbox on Feb 9, 2024
  • Added Wireless Redstone Receiver and Transmitter - allows you to remotely transmit redstone pulses in a range of 64 blocks! Uses 2 item channel system.
  • Added Portable Redstone Transmitter - allows you to active Redstone Receivers from your inventory!
  • Added Hologram Projector - new display block that can show a hologram of Items/Block/Other data in world! Configurable with a Wrench.
  • Added Workbench - Crafting Table that keeps its items after closing. The classic for any modded experience.
  • Added Ender Dust and Ender infused Amethyst Shard - new ingredient items.
  • Added sounds to Wrench actions.
  • Removed recipes for Electric Motor/Generator. Both of these items were unfinished and require extra work.
  • Piston movable blocks now move smoothly instead of vanishing.
  • Changed crafting behaviour of Mechanical Mixer. It will not try to fill all available slots.
  • Tweaked existing recipes and added few new ones!


by Patbox on Jan 4, 2024
  • Added Clutch. It works like an Axle, but when powered with redstone it disconnects both sides from each other.
  • Added Crushed Raw Iron/Gold/Copper. They can be smelted into regular ingots. You get them by grinding raw ores, from which you get 1-2 of them.
  • Mechanical Miners can attack entities now.
  • Improved the Polydex recipe support.
  • Tweaked textures of dynamite and lamps.
  • Tweaked recipes of dynamite.
  • Translations got moved to (for all my mods, not just this one).


by Patbox on Dec 20, 2023
  • Added throwable Dynamite item.
  • Improved status display and ui for Mechanical Mixer.
  • Added Netherrack Dust and Gunpowder recipe.
  • Model and texture tweaks and fixes.
  • Compressed all asset files, making them take less space.
  • Italian translation by CamperSamu


by Patbox on Dec 9, 2023
  • Updated to 1.20.4
  • Wooden Containers can store more items (45 stacks instead of 36)
  • Tweaked the strength of Windmill and Steam Engine
  • Mechanical Stress caused by Grinder and Mixer are now proportional to their working speed.
  • Polydex can now show state of machines / axles.
  • Tweaked some recipes
  • [Dev]: More generic parts of codebase were moved out into their own library, for usage by other mods.


by Patbox on Nov 22, 2023

Fix some loot tables mising


by Patbox on Nov 5, 2023
  • Added Mechanical Crafters. A take on 1.21 Crafter, but designed to work better with rest of the mod.
  • Added Mechanical Placer. Can place blocks in world.
  • Added Colored Lamps and Caged Colored Lamps (with inverted variants).
  • Hoppers can pull items from Funnels.
  • Conveyors dropping items can now be prevented by placing a block in front of where item would be dropped.
  • Added Creative Tab for Colored Variants
  • Added Wither Skull Generators (Experimental / Command Only)


by Patbox on Oct 16, 2023


by Patbox on Oct 11, 2023

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